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December 26, 2005



Wow. Does this qualify as "Humor" or "Horribly Uncomfortable Situations My Friends Put Me In" ?



You can't leave it hanging! So what happens!



Where do you go from there? Man.


O. M. F. G.

That takes balls... pun not intended.


That's awesome. I've so gotta try that.

North Dallas Thirty

LOL....I KNEW I should have gone to your place last night instead of the airport! :)

Jack Malebranche

The way you phrased that totally reminded me of Sean Penn's cocaine induced tantrum in "Hurlyburly."

Yeah, you might want to hang with some homos who have less issues. And your family sounds like a hoot.

Yum Yum

I go home for winter breaks just for the free food.

manhattan offender

It might help you a lot to know ...
With this being the season and all ...
Well ...

I'd really love it if you blew me too.


I'll be your friend!


I read most of Augusten Burroughs' Magical Thinking on the train home from my own family, and this holiday moment would fit in nicely with his warped life. Sorry your holidays weren't a bit less worthy of a bemusing short story. But hey, at least he wasn't a priest or a family member!

Hope your New Year's Eve is more enjoyable. I would prescribe more rum.

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