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December 28, 2005



Are you an ex-Washingtonian, too? I served my time '93-'98 (plus some time on the Hill in '89).

I hope you have better luck with your 23rd Street DVR. I got TWO from there only to find out from the eventually-called-to-the-rescue "cable guy" that the boxes Time Warner leaves there are old and refurbished -- and that if you want a good one, you have to get it from "the cable guy."

The one he brought has had no problems ...


Yes, I lived there from February 1995 to May 2005. We'll see about my cable box ...

manhattan offender

"blog detox"

obvious code for botox ...
(not that you need it)


Why didn't you tell me you were coming? You could have insulted me to my face.


Well, it wasn't particularly planned, and you and I aren't exactly on good enough terms that I have your digits. But feel free to give a shout if you ever make it across the water when you're in Staten Island. I'd be happy to get you drunk.

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