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December 21, 2005



Mal, I'm sorry to say, but Toby kinda got the upper hand on this one.

"...if I were 25 years old and a photographer asked me to cover myself in self-tanner, bubble gum lip gloss, and sparkles - I'd probably tell him to go to hell."

He's right -- that is one seriously femmy guy.


If all it takes to "get the upper hand" means being a drunken, bitter, jealous has-been at 22, then cheers to Toby for his fine work.


Sorry, but is he wearing tons of makeup? I guess I'm kinda more into a Jake G type of guy. MMMMM...Jake

Made In Brazil

Damn... Ethan is very cute as it is, so there was no need for all that make up (and eyebrow grooming), but I am totally blaming that (along with the lack of styling) on Instinct magazine.

It' s great to see a blogger coverboy though, so more power to you Mr. Brat Boy!


Maybe I just don't go for the sparkles and glitter. She's pretty, I guess, if that's your thing.


My husband is my thing.

I just think Toby is a blithering asshole for attacking (unprovoked) a nice guy, implying he does drugs (he doesn't), etc. Toby's like school on Saturday: No class.

Queer Conservative

Jake G. chainsmokes. Blech.


I hate to be a spoil sport for such a hotty, but you can totally see the brown of his eyes around his pupils underneath those contact lenses when you blow up the cover. Did the photoeditors not notice that?


He looks like a transgendered JonBenet Ramsey, LOL.

No offense to transgendered people.


Ick. He looks incredibly girly. If he's making magazine covers he doesn't need you acting like a infatuated cheerleader on the sidelines. And this issue is really bringing out the bitch in you Malc. None of this is becoming. Put it away.

manhattan offender

Three responses come to mind:

- "Of course" Toby is more appealing to me.

- Just not fond of posts that have "I" as the subject of most of the sentences.

- My upcoming photoshoot for Latin Inches will actually have many of the same poses.


what. ever. roll him around in glitter, wrap him in a big pink bow and ship him straight to nyc. gender issues are so 1993.



Isn't it lovely to see bloggers using "femmy" and "girly" in a pejorative sense? So evolved, so progressive.


I completely agree Joe. i learned a long time ago that some flamboyant affectation or a sassy outfit has very little to do with the true measure of a man, and that hypermasculine overcompensation (when there is little else beneath the surface to back it up) is just as prevalent in the gay community as with breeder boys. but instead of buying big trucks, the girls on 8th ave all jockey for position with the hottest dogs and the biggest muscles. that's fine if you're into that look, but at least recognize it for what it really is: macho drag.

and i have a feeling that Ethan doesn't need the approval of a bunch of insecure bloggers to keep his self-esteem at safe levels.


Since he has my approval, does that make me insecure? :-)

Just kidding.

I'm sorry you think I'm infatuated, O. I disagree. I just think Ethan's a nice guy, very down to earth and well-adjusted for someone with a past like his (and as pretty as he is). I also know I'll never be enough of an A-list blogger that I won't think it's cool when someone I know gets a magazine cover. Hell, I'd probably even post once or twice (in a nice way) if Toby had gotten a cover. Or Joe. Or the Offender. Or you, even ...

manhattan offender

"I also know I'll never be enough of an A-list blogger that I won't think it's cool when someone I know gets a magazine cover," said the regular Logo commentator.

ps - Your site has more page views than bratboy, vividblurry, or me (which isn't difficult).


Mal - I've no doubt that you and your husband are perfectly happy and will be for years to come. That's why I think this constant defense of your marital status is a little ... um ... unnecessary.

Methinks he doth protest too much? Hope not...


*SIGH* OK, Dan, you figured me out. I want to bang Ethan six ways from Sunday. Happy?


Yes. Tearing apart emotionally vulnerable gay republicans is a popular sport among us gay democrats :)


Wait. I just agreed with Joe.My.God.

And they say Christmas miracles never come true.

Downtown Lad

I still say Toby is cuter. I have a thing for Italian guys from Staten Island.


you obviously have not seen very many italian guys from Staten Island, DL.

Queer Conservative

You can't see Christmas Trees on Mahattan where you live, but Staten Island you've got covered?


QC, Ahhhh haha haaaa! You make funny at expense of DL, you make me raff! But I sing now for yoo: Fa Rah, rah, rah, r, RAH!... Ahhh ha ha, white boi rook jus' rike kree-mas tree, ahh ha ha.

Queer Conservative

Jeff - that lisp is terrible.

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