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December 20, 2005



Take a pension at 55? We sould all be so lucky. Reagan had the right idea with the air traffic controllers. Axe em.
They could replaced tomorrow. Ever try to buy a pass at a booth? Surly, rude. inept, at 34.000 a year plus full benefits.

The MTA asks them to pay 6% of their benefits and they won't?
I worked 40 years, and I pay ALL my own benefits.

"he walkout represents the biggest class confrontation in the US in a generation. The issues at stake are not peculiar to transport workers or public employees, but reflect the general drive to destroy wages, working conditions and benefits of workers throughout the economy, from the airlines to the auto industry."

The source?
The Worl Socialists

rod townsend

yeah. let them eat cake.

sorry about the bike, man. but i made it from flatiron to astoria in about an hour and actually had fun doing it.


Off with my head?
do you live here?


Now we know why your mother did not name you Grace. Ouch glad your OK. I can't imagine the chaos.

Here in my little eastern PA city if people have to sit through two lights they bitch and call it a traffic jam. My office is near Philadelphia about 65 south of where I live so my commute is never quick or fun and now without Howard Stern it is boring.


Off with their Heads! And forget the cake, anyone from NYC already nows those lazy, fat-assed TWUsers have Cheeto dust all over their lips, or BBQ Chips. Thats all those lazy Muther's do is sit in their "Boof" and eat chips. When a 13 year old was raped right on the platform, the token clerk didn't even call for help,(you could tell cuz the 9-1-1 keys weren't orange) let alone do something to help. Fuckem all, they deserve the private sector, let them try and get 50K plus out there with their Queens dime store diplomas and fake GED's. Bring up some folks from NOLA or maybe some Thai's or Malaysians. There are plenty of people that could do a far superior job than these lazy, rude, fat, slobs with body odor. A TWU member's idea of personal hygiene is to spritz on some more sidewalk incense to cover their stank. Fire the losers. Mind you, I'm not bitter.


The strike is absolutely inexplicable. Punish the people who have the least control over the contract--the commuters? Do they think Peter Kalikow is up all night in his Park Avenue apartment worrying about finding a carpool?

The comments of support I have been hearing from the left side are also inexplicable. These are employees of a semi-public nonprofit agency which exists only to benefit the residents and businesses of New York City. It is not General Motors or ExxonMobil. I generally agree that unions no longer serve a purpose, but I can't absolutely rule out the place for collective bargaining in the private industrial sector. This, however, is inexcusable. They are now accomplishing nothing but causing small businesses to suffer and putting people, particularly the elderly, in grave danger. For no purpose other than to (illegally) exert their specious authority under the guise of protecting a future generation of transit workers who are already adapted to 21st-century working conditions.

The union has no more leverage--they shot their wad on this strike. They have nothing left to lose, since they are already being fined out of existence and Transit Workers International has disowned them. I hope Toussaint ends up disgraced and in jail.


Thank you both. I have gotten nothing grief over my views. That is until this morning. The city is in an uproar. The union is being fined one million dollars a day. They'll be bankrupt by sunday.
A woman followed me down the street last night screaming , that I was an "elitist". I afraid she got an earful of very NON elitist words.

And you can't believe what the taxis are getting away with.
Ten dollars for ten blocks! With the cab crammed full of anyone who wants to get in!
Thes people are stupid, rude, greedy pigs! And they blame the mayor, who looks as if he's about to cry.
He's made me like him alot more today;)

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