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December 26, 2005


Patrick T in NYC

Enjoy TRIO while you can. The "pop, culture, tv" network officially goes off the air on December 31. It was purchased by NBC in 2004, along with its sister networks USA and SciFi. Most of the talent behind programming and marketing TRIO (including its president, Lauren Zalaznick) were moved by NBC over to Bravo. You might notice some distinct similarities between the two channels.
The good news is, some of TRIO's programming will be available in streaming video on Bravo's website after January 1.

Free Blog

This is funny video. I like it


I feel like pimp smacking you for saying you like Logo

manhattan offender

I was thrilled to see that Logo was one of the channels available while I was at the home of my brother-in-law which is located inside an army base. But, major R.I.P. to Trio. I've been on their bandwagon for eons. I doubt that Bravo will hit the same level even if it is with the same programming talent.


Rocco: Who else will put my mug on TV??

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