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December 22, 2005



I really wish they had a more masculine guy presented in this segment of True Life because that dude right there is a hundred footer and something tells me that his straight guy friends are gay friendly and they just don't want to bring up the obvious...



^^ Speaking from experience, that's probably the case...


Oh Mary!
You call that pretending to be straight?


LOL, I haven't even watched it yet, and I could've spotted his homosexuality in a London fog.


Hi. Long time lurker.

Helen Keller would know he's gay.

Furthermore- What a wimp! He needs to grow a pair, and confirm what his friends already know.


How does anyone not know that guy is a total mo?


Um, so don't get me wrong. I adore queeny boys. But, there is no way he is playing it "straight."


I have met this guy's friend, who is also on the show, and he told me that MTV staged most of it. Like the scene where he is behind a bar pouring drinks (a gay bar in Royal Oak, Michigan called Pronto) in a pronto work shirt, but he has never worked there (which I already knew because my ex used to bartend there). The whole thing is a joke.

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