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December 16, 2005



Thanks for illuminating some of the behind-the-scenes Webbie politickin' for us neophytes. You rock and I agree with your new-found view that this award is meaningless. The cattiness of some of these bloggers is pretty amusing.

Please keep on blogging and don't give the 2005 Weblog Awards another thought.

Downtown Lad

I like Vividblurry and I thought his post was amusing.

Honestly - Towleroad is probably the best blog of the bunch. But yours is pretty good too.


I didn't find this post any less catty than the post at vividblurry. Just less funny.


This is specifically why HomoMojo would not endorse or even post about this "battle". I voted for the blog that I thought was the most well-written (and it wasn't a top vote getter). This award is as worthless as the People's Choice Awards. It has nothing at all to do with quality. I gave up popularity contests in grade school. Too bad a lot of bloggers are acting like school kids over this.

Let's stop the shameful posts on all parts.

And VividBlurry is funny.

Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest)

It's posts like this which remind me why I love your blog so. Glad you're back, Mal.

Me is the Ridor

YOu came out very late. And you try to make some comments about gay community.

And I think you are NOT qualified to do so -- you're just one fucking old hag who tries so hard to make up for what they lost in time, sex and activity.

What do I regard that particular group? Pathetic group, that is.



Ridor, I don't ask for much, but I do ask for English.


I tend to agree with Downtown Lad, Towleroad was the best blog.


Jeez, Mal, I expect better from you guys. Get back to your resonable self. We all sometimes throw tantrums but, for the above serious sour grapes, you deserve a solid spanking.


Ok, I love love love love this blog, but I cannot love your endorsements just because you are waging a war. I thought Towleroad much more entertaining, well thought out, and more genuine than Ethans. Sorry, I am just one person and am new here, but also am not a crowd follower. Also, skin is very over rated and tired. Someday people may get back to substance more than the newest cute face? Maybe its just because I got a hot bf though?


Thanks, Mal, for upholding the 'thin skinned gay republican' stereotype. Be honest - if you didn't know bratboy, you would've laughed a little at Toby's piece. But you do know him, which makes it 'personal', which is why we're seeing all this drama. You say 'this whole business is uncalled for.' WTF? This is the internet, not Aunt Martha's Bridge Club. What makes this medium so unique is people can say whatever they want without fear of censorship. Besides, do you really think Toby's piece is that bad compared to what else is out in the blogosphere? Are you gonna start complaining about all the other 'mean' blogs out there? You keep whining about Toby's rudeness and I'll keep throwing rocks at the moon.

Still love ya Mal ;)


Oh, there were plenty of stereotypes being upheld in all this stuff on many a side.

Generally, I'd ignore it. But if our blog was going to be mentioned in the commentary, might as well have a say.

What ticks me a bit is that Ethan is a really nice guy. I talk to him quite a bit, and he's actually terribly sweet to others and treats people very, very well. So, he's a model and promotes his looks on his blog (again, because he seeks modeling work. He did get a magazine cover out of it, after all).

The attacks were totally uncalled for.

A drunken, catty, ragingly jealous cock-sucker going all kinds of bitter on the better looking guy in the room.

Yeah, there's a stereotype we never see in the gay community. We need more people like that.

Glad people thought it was funny. I thought it was boring, trite, and done better by your average sixty year old drag patron in the gay bar up the street.

But hey, your mileage may vary. (Quite done with this stuff, now).

Me is the Ridor

Robbie wrote: Ridor, I don't ask for much, but I do ask for English.

Now that is very offensive and demeaning. English is NOT my first language. I try to express the best way I can do with my limited knowledge of English skills. And when I get my points across, you chose to attack my English skills, Robbie!

That goes to say what kind of person you are towards people who do not regard English as their first language. Shame on you!



Ridor, I've seen you comment elsewhere completely conherently. That was just a mess.


Robbie, I thought you were a kind of libertarian guy. So when a vote doesn't come out your way, screw democracy? Schumpeter's "Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy" makes the SAME argument. If socialist outcomes can't be had at the ballot box, then take over by revolution. I would have thought your libertarian values would enure you from such extremist views. But I guess when you don't like an outcome, it's because of "THEM." Boy, that concept sounds extremely familiar. The American Family Council, perhaps? Pat Robertson? Even Michael Moore?


I thought Towleroad much more entertaining

Really? I find Towleroad to be about as entertaining as a sigmoidoscope.

Me is the Ridor

Conherently? See? I rest my case.

You are no better than me.



Robbie didn't write this, I did. Although a lot of it was meant tongue in cheek -- I truly think not including The Pen15 Club (and Rod 2.0, come to think of it) among the nominees was a travesty -- tell me one thing I wrote that was demonstrably untrue.

Me is the Ridor

I thought Robbie is Malcontent? You guys confuse me. Fuck off already.



I agree that the whole weblog award think was an exercise in pettiness. Underlying Toby's posts though was the assertion that BratBoy's posts were not top-notch, and the entire blog seems to be a vehicle for his modeling career. I have to agree. Kudos to Ethan's creativity and spirit in generating so much support, and for having a visually appealing website though.


Stephen - Mal wrote the post. My comments here aren't about the voting. They're about something else entirely.

Downtown Lad

Toby is much better looking than Ethan.


DTLad: It is official. You are certifiably crazy.


Yes DTLad, you're crazy. If it's one thing that drives the guys wild, it's a man who knows how to work a bottle of peroxide. And I don't know if you've heard, but Ethan's landed the cover of the fourth (fifth? sixth?) most popular gay magazine out there.

So there. If you can't agree with the choices of well regarded magazine like Instinct (almost three months out of receivership now!), you must be crazy.


Dan, again, you really haven't any idea what you're commenting on. Especially with the peroxide comment.

*sighs* How bout we quit while we're a hemisphere or two behind, eh?

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