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December 01, 2005



I'm sorry, I was looking at the picture of the water polo team. What were you saying again?


What a bunch of crap. Even an old liberal (first campaign I voluteered on as a young teen was McGovern) like me gets so tired of this PC nonsense. I also read your link about the Provincetown foolishness. Yep let's just rewrite history so no one is offended. Egads! where does it end?

It took me awhile to get trough the story because the photo was so interesting.


The smart team would outfit their players in bikini tops/bottoms and state that the whole team is made up of genetic women or soon-to-be women. (Who is going to suggest someone isn't really considering changing gender?)

Each goal equals double points. Easy win for those working the system.

North Dallas Thirty

I'm with Mal. Once I saw the pic, you could have said, "Bulgarian transgender gypsy folk singer" or "Stun gun to the genitals", and I would have said, "Fine, give me three, please." :)

Made In Brazil

Ok, now you guys are officialy speedo addicts as well. Two posts with speedo pictures in less than a week? I never thought I'd see this anywhere other than my own blog.


My lovliest PC vs PC moment came years ago in Toronto at the meeting of all the AIDS groups in Ontario, held right smack dab in the middle of the city hall assembly chambers. It was the turn of the Two Spirit group (that's Indian talk for "homo", for you culturally incompetent types) to host the meeting, and they wanted to begin by holding a purification ceremony. You could hear the PC pre-cum dripping all over the room. How fabulous! How diverse!

But, get this. The 2-Spirit Aboroginal People then said that all the women (and wymyn) in the room had to move to the edges, because they might be menstruating and render the ceremony invalid!!!! The dykes were deers-in-the-headlight stunned. Such egregious misogynist superstitious patriarchial crap!!! But, wait. Yikes. Oppressed People of Color! Deeply Rooted Spiritual Beliefs of Original Native Peoples! Diversity! Diversity! Can. Not. Compute.

I left the room --and a few weeks later, the city-- howling with laughter. It was so kewl!

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