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December 09, 2005



I think your blog is unfairly placed in the LGBT category. You guys are so much more than that and are really one of the slickest video/culture/erudite sites out there. If they had an award for pithy writing, you would win hands down. Anyone know how to defeat the damn cookies in order to just hold the vote key down for an hour or so? (I am sure Kos has figured out a way to do it.)


Wow. I am really disappointed in you guys. You endorse the blog equivalent of a go-go boy!!?? Way to highlight more negative gay stereotypes. Thought you guys had more class.


You guys are great! You manage, in one fell swoop, --what is a fell swoop, actually?-- to be "so much more" than "LGBT" and also "highlight gay stereotypes". Magical, no?

I must protest the threat of no Malcovision if the Lefty Ho wins. Why should I be punished because of her? No fair!


Gus and Essem, very sweet of you guys!

Mal-Fan, thanks, but do the math -- Ethan and GP were the only ones with any shot, and Ethan had already won an "endorsement" of someone with a lot of votes (BFT). My thought was, how do we extricate ourlseves from this thing without further factionalizing what has already become a ridiculous, Balkanized affair.

I couldn't describe it any more eloquently than Robbie. I'll bet if we could put all the nominees in multiple boxes on the TV screen, Ocsar style, there would be many a pursed lip and golf clap when the winner was announced.


Wow, next time I should read my email before responding -- knowing how we can track IP addresses and all.


No. I like this blog and will continue voting for it, damn the consequences. Besides, how I do otherwise when Robbie trolled for votes on JUB like a shameless huzzy? ;-)


Joe, if you vote for us, the terrorists win! :-)

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