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December 18, 2005



Wyoming (Hullet, Sundance) was the place my father spent his last years, and my brothers grew up there to escape the incresing troubled city (suburbs). It was a pretty place, but I am so glad I did not grow up there. I remember flirting with some cute guy who was a little more worldly, but the last I heard, even he became a husband/father. So the fundies may scream that we are making their children gay, but we are also loosing gay people to "god".


I'm a New Yorker, and yes we have rats, although I have only seen them in the subway. It's not as if you have to shoo them away, the way you had to in Paris a few years back. Les Halles was over-run with rats, even during the day. And no I'm not making a crack against the French:)


I have to admit that I saw far more rats when I lived in DC than I have in New York. By orders of magnitude, actually.

But I liked the comparison, if for no other reason than it let me make a silly graphic.


It's cute.
You know what they did in Paris? They torn down Les Halles, about 5 square blocks. And thousands of rats moved into The Louvre;)

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