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December 29, 2005



Note to all: The Classmates.com reject photo accompanying my entry is NOT me. (Not to mention, she looks about 20 years older than me...)

Dan Gonzales

Jesus H. Christ I need to start reading Wannabeleader.


This is lovely. I'm pleased to see that it's so inclusive, although, Malc, where is Robbie on this list (?!) and you display much more verve on posts other than the one you highlighted. It's also nice to put faces to blogs. I now want to cuddle The Conjecturer.
Happy New Year to you all.


I agree, it's fun to match the personalities with faces. Strangely enough, I actually am just a floating head with wings.

And where ARE Robbie's resolutions and pic???


Bridget: Since corrected ... my humblest apologies, although I did warn people in my initial email. :-)

AAtom/O: I copied Robbie on the original emails when I started the project. I think at least implicitly, I was asking him for his own resolutions, although it might have been a little too implicit. I would certainly welcome a submission from him to add at the end, though.

Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest)

I should add to my list of resolutions--to figure out how to connect my digital camera to my computer so I can get better online pictures.


Robbie had a rotten holiday and subsequent week and is planning on sleeping straight through New Year's Eve. So, my resolution will probably involve trying to be somewhat in less of a foul mood :X


Hmm... no resolutions from Toby? Come on people... it's a brand new year, forgive and forget ;)


I could be wrong, but I'll bet I sent him the email. Any blogger is welcome.

el polacko

is it just me ? the text is half-hidden under the right-hand column ...??


It is apparently beyond Typepad's capabilities to do simple HTML tables. Did that fix it?


wow, what connections you got here, malco?! great to hear what fellow bloggers want to do for the new year. happy new year to all!

Brian Finch

I htink the top one for me is more sex. Now that I have a hard-on in a bottle (AndroGel) I think this year is going to look a lot more "up!"

Get to the gym more often

Relax as much as I can on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta when I head out of the Canadian winter for a month mid feb.

Try to ignore the Canadian "republican wanna-bees but too afraid to be it" conservatives until at least this election is over.

Seeing that I have the right to have a "real" husband, I'd like to find one!

Me is the Ridor

No wonder Dan the GayPatriotWest is single! Just look at him! So pitiful!




Thank you SOOOOOO much! I feel totally honored to be apart of such a distinguished list of people!


I heart Michael K from D-listed.

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