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December 22, 2005


Jack Malebranche

When I lived in LA, I saw Robbie (Williams) at an 'Express' supermodel party in the Oscar complex on Hollywood Blvd. I hate Robbie for being exactly my age and living a life anyone would admire. But honestly, he looked better in person, and he seemed like a load of fun. I think I remember him gradding bottles from the open bar like he was Michael Alig or something. That was when he had a mohawk. Er...even if he is straight...er..Jehovah bless him. Mind you, at the same party, I was pointing at Orlando Bloom and calling him trailer trash (and I think we made eye contact while I was doing that). Robbie was everything you would want him to be.

Jack Malebranche

Yeah... 'gradding'= 'grabbing.' At the Malebranche house, we just enjoyed an afternoon of martinis, popcorn and the original King Kong, so cut me some slack on spelling...


It's hard for me to be nice about Robbie Williams. He is SO overexposed in Britain that a mild dislike is easily teased into an abject hatred. People, don't encourage him to come here - you'll regret it.
And the frequently 'gay' behaviour from Robbie W is a quite normal aspect of British culture. Lots of straight guys like to act camp. We are a camp nation. Whilst America concentrates on more aggressive musical genres like rock, rap and hip-hop we love pop and disco. The winner of a recent Big Brother in the UK ( a big deal there) was a Portugese transexual. Also, if any of you have seen either a traditional Brit theatrical pantomime (cross-dressing and innuendo de riguer), any of the Carry On or St. Trinians movies you'll recognise that we have long embraced camp. Of course, it doesn't mean that we aren't homophobic. And Robbie may act gay but he did successfully sue a newpaper who proposed that he was. Brits just accept that straight guys can be camp too.

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