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December 12, 2005


Queer Conservative

Boycott it like hell, I'm taking a pair of opera glasses.


Is it my imagination, or does he look like Will Riker in tights???

Queer Conservative

OMG NO sonicfrog! He looks nothing like Will Riker in any way! He's way friggin' hotter than Frakes ever was.


I swear the things people worry about. These execs should worry more about whether they made a decent movie or not. This reminds me of the whole Lohan incident.

But I guess if Hollywood can go totally unreal in one direction, it can always go the other way to.


The bulge in front and the bulge in back looks pretty good to me.

Super Hung

Click on my Superhung link to see what was originally in those leotards before they were digitally massacred ...


any studio costume staff here has a video of his original costume fitting? please, please please....that's so hot. heard form an insider that he was surrounded by gay stylists while they were re-engineering his bulge. OMG, they must all ran to the hohn to beat off afterwards.

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Is it my imagination,I swear the things people worry about.

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This superman's movie is just another crap, I don't want to see this garbage

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it`s not the same they are trying to do something like the older version but i don`t thing so

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great movie!! I Love superman!!


handsome superman

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All this mess ..for for a silly bulge.

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Sounds interesting, I will see the movie.

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Give me his bottle, and I will be Superman too :)

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I remember superman movie, very interesting

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I will gove to the cinema on this movie.

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Superman is really very nice character I like it
but now a days its place is taken by spider man.
hollywood has to make movie on superman rather than spider man.


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So...The Malcontent comment boards!!!! clearly one of the secret undisclosed locations in the eqru blogosphere


Let them cut off the bulge

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