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December 21, 2005



WHAT......THE......FUCK.....WAS......THAT!!!!! What the hell is going on on cable tv these days! I canceled my cable approximately three years ago mainly because of cost but also due in part to how absolutely addicted I was becoming to watching a whole lot of trash. What I just watched here would be an example of how I still would have been wasting my time and money.

Entertaining, but completely INSANE!!! Thanx for you dedication and effort however. ...I think. :)


My boyfriend and I have watched this show from the beginning but I am so glad this season is ending. It was so over the top and unbelievable, in a negative way. It is just shock-o-rama and even that got predictable!


The final episode was a parody of the show, the last hysterical outburst before death. What once was edgy is now just Godawful. These characters have become so unutterably creepy that they are very hard to watch, and impossible to care about...except for Dylan Walsh, whom I'd watch doing almost anything.


I'd so do Sean before Christian. And Quentin before all of them, even without the penis, and even with the whole crazy murderer thing.


So, I'm assuming whether or not the transexual gets a premature surgical procedure was the cliff hanger?

I don't watch the show, but it seems the writers need to lay off the smack.


I have the same feeling watching that as I did in the 80's when the terrorists attacked that wedding on Dynasty. Just plain stupid.


this is like the movie SAW..... i'm glad i watch that show.


I meant i am glad I DONT watch this show.

its soooo GORY and horrific! yuck


I think I just saw a shark swim by. I've never watched this show, but knew the synopsis. When they started advertising "Guess who the Carver is?" on myspace, I rolled my eyes. Way to make a show irrelevant by putting it way over the top.

And, thanks to your clip the other week, it looks like another show/movie that turns the gay or bi character into a psychopath. Also, on a bit bitchy note, shaggy hair is usually hot, but Campos became a lot less attractive when he grew out his mane. Sure, that Christina Applegate show sucked, but he was fun to look at. =(


Terrible, as in Never-Watch-That-Show-Again terrible. The Carver's identity was obvious even last season, and all of the senseless "twists" were desperate attempts to hide that fact.
It's no wonder that Julian McMahon has publicly alluded to the fact that he hated the Carver storyline.
After that garbage finale, he probably wishes he were back on 'Charmed'.


Nip/Tuck's been caught in this nasty loop of having to out-shock itself. Eventually you're at the point where there's really nothing more they can do (unless they move to a premium channel... or, more likely, get a movie treatment).

Still better than 90% of what's out there. Nice to find a show that doesn't have me searching for the remote within the first five minutes.


I screamed at my television for a good hour, then waited for the repeat - and screamed again.

I felt like I had been raped. Yes, raped by a man with no penis.


It pains me that they used a gay character as the carver. just another detrimental slice in the ongoing battle to gain some strength in our fight to be recognized as good people. i used to love this show...the more the season progressed...the more i hated it...remember the episode with the gay man that requested help because of the wasting syndrome he suffered from AIDS (in his face)? There was a comment from Shawn that just pissed the HELL OUT OF ME. "He's just going to go out and have more sex and spread the disease." U gotta be kidding me. Who writes this crap??? They are spreading hate, and from this moment on, I vow to never watch this stupid show again. And the show with the plane crash...how lame can u be to not run around searching desperately for your mother? -- no, julia takes time to play doctor. unbelievably stupid show. the show died after that sexy gay kid with the adopted transsexual mother, stabbed himself. where's he at now? i want to watch anything that he's in to replace this insanity. get a clue, nip/tuck. put some more thought and work into your next season...otherwise, kiss it all goodbye.


At first I thought the show was going to show tolerant of gay people, but instead it's become more and more egregious and painful to view. The hypocrisy is everywhere. Example, hetro-men can screw any-girl, anytime,and not spead STDs, and still be held up as a sexy stud. However, gay men are shown as not sexy, and repugnant. No more for me..


Bruno Campo is great brzilian actor and I'm honored 'cause I'm brazilian too. And.... BELÍSSIMA ATUAÇÃO! Thank's to show another part of his work. Obrigado!


Freakin'! Its true,but watch this show,in some twisted way :
"Hurts so good!!" lol ;)

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