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December 15, 2005



Just voted for Pam. Sorry. She might be a little too far to the left (even for me) and Ethan's definitely a hottie - but come on, his blog is a joke! No consistent theme, so-so writing, horrible layout... You're miles ahead of BBS, Mal! True to republican form, tho, you throw your weight behind the cruddy candidate just because he shares your political affiliation.

Yeah, them's fightin words. Guess Toby put me in the mood :)


"Sane" liberals support calling the President "Chimpy" and referring to Christians in the United States as "the American Taliban"?

This contest was never about the "best" gay blog from the moment of the nominations forward, but Brat Boy has my full-throated (ahem) endorsement.


How could you not love the Brat Boy! He's truly adorable, in every sense of the word, and he puts a lot of effort into his blog. Go Ethan!!


Have I ever called the president 'chimpy'? No - that's my nickname for Reagan :) FWIW, I once called Clinton 'the best argument for safe sex'. It's satire, this is a blog, loosen up.


No, I was referring to the tedious Pam Spaulding. Putting aside whether calling Clinton "the best argument for safe sex" is evidence of bipartisanship, at least it is somewhat clever, which is more than I can say for Pam's House Blend.


Only skimmed Pam. Kinda tiresome, yah. But thematically consistent and occasionally intelligent. Honestly, it felt like Kerry (Pam) v. Bush (Ethan) all over again.

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