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December 09, 2005


Downtown Lad

$8 - $10 million wouldn't be a bomb. And I don't think it's playing in that many theaters.

This is not going to be King Kong and nobody is going to judge it by that. It will be judged a success or a bomb based on whether it makes a profit.


Mal, when are you NOT staring at boy-crotch? I mean, I thought that was sort of a given...


I'm told it already made it's money back in prerelease deals from europe so we don't have to worry about it being a flop, I'm just frigging worried about not getting to see it till it comes out on DVD. geez can anyone find a release schedule about which states are going to pick it up after this weekend?

Jay Croce

Regarding your "Tell-Tale Heart" moment ...

Just thinking about George Costanza should have thrown cold water on that problem. Ewww!

Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest)

Mal--I don't think this flick'll bomb, but it'll do well for what it is. If it gets an opening weekend of $8-$10 million, I (and Universal) would be doing back flips, especially on a weekend with a number of pictures being released. I'd be doing back flips because it would show that there is a large interest in gay movies and Universal because (I'm sure) that total is above their forecasts. (And heck, this film's success would make it easier for me to sell some of my scripts.)

That said, thanks for sharing your experiences with Lie Down with Dogs; it's amazing the power of a movie to help him discover who we truly are -- and to spur us to change our lives.

Noisy American

Hilarious story. Well, now, it is. Sure, it wasn't at that moment. I'm sure that many of us have had similar experiences. I had the same experience with Passolinni's Arabian Nights, but I was, at least, in a darkened movie theatre. I think that the most difficult thing I can remember is sitting around watching telly with the folks when something 'gay' would come on. My parents are not exactly the most liberal people and the disgust would issue out from them while I would try to not show any reaction either way.


I have three sisters. When we were growing up in the seventies, they were gaga for Robert Redford, David and Shawn Cassidy, and other hunks of the day. Often, I would not watch movies or TV with my sisters because, even though I was not teenager just yet, I kinda felt the same things about these guys that my sisters did. The first girl I had a crush on, Jill Bradford, ended up dating a football player in junior high. I hated it because not only was my love spurned, but I completely understood why she would date Paul and not me. He was sooo HOT. He already had some hair on his chest. Yet another blow to my already cavernously low self esteem .

As far as embarrasing movie moments, a few years before I came out to my parents, my mom took me to see "Fatal Attraction". I had to watch those sex scenes sitting next to my MOM!!

I did get even. Right after I came out to my parents in 92, I took my mom to see "The Crying Game".


This is so interesting to read now that BBM has made nearly $70 flippin million dollars. I can't even believe it myself. So if you were "pleasently surprised" at 30 I suppose your over the moon now. Great site btw. I love Jake too much for it to be healthy.


Yes indeedy, I think $70 million is stellar, and the degree of mainstream acceptance the movie has gained -- with the obvious exception of the "usual suspects" -- is cause for optimism. Still, there has been at least a lot of anecdotal reportage about the reluctance of straight guys, in particular, to see it. A normally sane blogger like Mickey Kaus has made it a bizarre cause celebre.

If I had known the movie's roll-out schedule when I first wrote this post, I probably never would have written it, because my argument was mooted from the beginning.

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