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January 30, 2006


Jack Malebranche

I thought the Democratic approach to this one was rediculous, and did nothing to help the party in the eyes of regular people.

I don't follow these things closely, but Alito is no Ashcroft. I remember when Ashcroft was appointed, I was disgusted, and overall, I had every right to be. He's proved over and over that he's a zealot checked only by inconvenient things called laws, and an occasional moderating hand from his bosses.

Alito seems fine, and it seemed like Democrats were inventing things to get pissed off about, just to be contrary. Bush could have presented and pushed through someone far worse.

North Dallas Thirty

And now we finally see revealed the Republican strategy for the 2006 elections; exploit the irrational hatred of the "Bush = Hitler" crowd to completely discredit the Democratic Party.

Think about it. Alito was one of the best jurists in the country, respected and praised by his peers, with a long and distinguished pedigree on the bench.

And the Democrats' argument? "He's not qualified to be on the Supreme Court because he's Bush's nominee."

My suggestion to Dems for 2006: ditch the "Bush = Hitler" folks before you make yourself even more irrelevant.


I think the Dems did this because their base and the monied interest groups were very much holding the senators at gunpoint. I'd really like the Democratic party to split and get it over with already. We need a loyal opposition in this country, and this leftward free fall they've got going on is killing them.

I'm fine with Alito. He's not perfect, but he's very qualified and thought of highly by his peers across the political spectrum. That's really all I ask of judicial candidates from either party. If they have the qualifications, so be it. If anyone's upset, well, that's what elections are for. You win, you get to pick justices. I thought it was proper for Republicans to vote in favor of Ginsberg. Even though it was obvious they didn't agree with her judicial philosophy, they deferred to the President's privilege on the matter.

It's a damn shame the Democrats have messed with the Supreme Court process in this way. Wait until there's a Dem president with a Republican Congress. Hoo boy. And the Dems will have themselves to thank.

Queer Conservative

From DU: "Even if we lose this battle today, WE STILL WON..."

Somehow that phrase sounds like a definition of insanity.

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