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January 26, 2006



Thanks for this. Still chuckling.


He's really quite kissable in that second pic.

I'm just sayin.


The picture of him in the jean jacket was actually a previwe of next week's show, which means that he shaved his head again, which I so wish he had not done.

My hubbie thinks I am in love with Daniel V., when all I want him to do is get rid of that silly ponytail on top of his goddamned head!

Queer Conservative

Daniel V. looks like the love child of Mick Jagger and Mayim Bialik.

Craig Ranapia

I can see Andre having a long and happy life of daily workplace drug testing.




THAT was funny! And I totally agree.


yeah, I could do without the bald head, but i think he's adorable.


Even though Buster Keaton was famous for actually having an inexpressive face (this is the film major in me talking), Andrae's facial expressions are absolutely the best part of the show. Great screencaps!


Wasn't there a silent-movie guy who was known as a sort of "rubber face"?


Are you talking about Lon Chaney, the man of 1,000 faces? He carried a make up kit of his own around with him and would walk the movie sets looking for odd parts that needed filling. At the time, the film industry was still beginning, and there were often difficult or obscure characters that the studios could not fill because they didn't know how. He would then audition for the part, doing his own makeup on the spot. The man really was an improvisational genius, and I almost never use the word genius. Imagine being able to carry a lunch-box size make-up kit around Hollywood, knocking on doors and seeing what they needed for different characters? I know people who can't fit all of their makeup in a suitcase, forget a lunchbox.

His impact on the film industry should never be forgotten. Did you know that MGM studios was ordered to stop production and observe a period of silence while his remains were lowered to their final resting place?

More on Lon Cheney here.

The story of Lon's life is called The Man Of A Thousand Faces, and it's probably my favorite Jimmy Cagney movie. It's quite tragic and if you haven't seen it you really should.

Ok. That's enough from me. I hope to God it's Lon you were referring to, Mal.


Andrae looks like a cross between Derek Jeter and Michael Stipe

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