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January 10, 2006



Classic Jan Michael Vincent syndrome. Talented and beautiful young man can't deal with the pressure, does drugs, makes bad career moves, and ends up a skanky old troll with an attitude problem.


My guess is that GHB is in there somewhere... particularly on the day at the beach. What he was taking the next day at the weigh in I can't guess. But it aint speed or E, possibly crashing on booze with painkillers?

If end up winning the "what's Jeffy on" contest please don't tell my mother... she wouldn't be amused at this level of knowledge.

And as a final thought: spinning fat people? Not a good idea, the centrifugal force could pick up and cause some carnage.

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I love this blog - and yes it was one of the most amazing meals I've ever had. Now, if I could just look better in cell phone pictures. Argh!

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Perhaps he was drunk

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That's the magic of being true to ourselves.

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