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January 29, 2006



She is such a whack-job. She will say and do anything to get her name in the news.

J Indy

I saw this a couple days ago and am truly hoping this materializes. My guess is that the turnout for her support will be about the same as that of her book signing in Crawford a while back. Nothing like establishing yourself as a borderline communist to kick off the campaign and garner that support, eh?


Reminds me of Jane Fonda's trip to North Viet Nam. How come we don't hang traitors anymore?


I reckon that she has about as much chance of unseating Feinstein as any of the potential Republican candidates.


be careful, guys, the words "hang traitors" and "I reckon" appeared in a single comment thread. I fear we may be in danger of turning into something, but I can't quite put my finger on it. ;)

Sheehan is a tool. this should be an amusing cultural moment. on the bright side, she may just be cartoonish enough to deflate the air out of the anti-war wing of the Dems before the next Pres election.


I am willing to cut her a lot of slack, afterall who here lost a child, let alone under these circumtances. Having said that, she is in need of better advisors, she has lost all the good will that was coming her way. It is a shame

Queer Conservative

Cindy Sheehan-Chavez for US Senate! No one would work harder to advance conservative causes.


According to the article I read, she was going to consult with her three adult children before making a decision. Good lord, I pray one of them has the sense to shake her.

Still, you almost want to cheer her on. Who else could do more damage to the moonbats and left-wing of the Democratic party than this woman on television every night talking smack about Americans with hated foreign leaders?

Actually, considering that . . .

Go Cindy!

Craig Ranapia

No, this is just wrong. If I ever find myself rooting for Dianne Feinstein the VRWC will detonate the chip in my head. Blood, bone and brain matter is not the look this season.


You're rooting for Feinstein?? Cindy is perfectly suited to be a Left Coast senator. I think I'll donate to her campaign!

North Dallas Thirty

Don't you DARE, Mal.....remember, I have to live with the consequences of this one!

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Wow i can believe someone looks like that and the worst part it that is in the culture to put that plate in the lips wow truly disturbing but awesome.

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