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January 05, 2006


Craig Ranapia

Don't forget that God also smote Yitzhak Rabin. It seems politically-motivated murder is really terrible but... God works in mysterious - and lethal - ways when you piss Him off. Now where have I heard that tune before?

OTOH, I really wish the MSM would take groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State & People for the American Way off the speed dial. I can only handle one jet of oral diarrhea at a time. Couldn't CNN find anyone else to suggest that Fred Phelps might like his one brain cell back?


But Mayor Marion Barry had him beat by a day and should be the first to get the nomination.

Joe M.

I hate to point this out, BUT unfortunately Mr. Robertson is not disposable - or else we would be rid of him and his farce of a belief system. Disposable douche... riiiight.


When I was a lefty, I decided that Rev. Pat, with his constant good-ol-boy shit-eating grin, was the most contemptible man in America. Having become a righty, I have still found no reason to change my opinion. As one of my kinder gentler friends once say, "If he were lying in the gutter on fire, I wouldn't waste my piss to put him out".

Queer Conservative

Yep, Pat's a dumb ass. Fortunately he only attacks with words. I'll take that over high-jacked airplanes anyday.


Well, if that ain't damning with faint praise, QC. By the way, I think at least honorable mention should go to Louis Farrakhan...every year.

North Dallas Thirty

OTOH, I really wish the MSM would take groups like Americans United for Separation of Church and State & People for the American Way off the speed dial.

LOL....well, Craig, I always put it this way....isn't it amazing how Barry Lynn isn't "appalled" by the remarks of religious groups like Hamas, or that groups who command an enormous amount of influence in the Democratic Party and supported by Ralph Neas and his ilk are making statements like this?

And to be quite honest, I have reached the point with Pat Robertson where I don't even care. It should be obvious by now that the man is only trying to make progressively more-outrageous statements to get a reaction.

My personal take: if we all ignore him, he'll work his way up to self-mutilation or setting himself on fire to prove a point, which makes him a self-correcting problem.

Queen Conservative

I agree NDT. Robertson isn't dangerous, just embarrassing.


He is less dangerous than he was. He is now just a fool.


What's more amazing is how, despite these insane rantings, Pat still manages to be one of the major leaders of the fundamentalist right. He bitches about how Islam is a fundamentally evil and violent religion one day, and then calls for the US to assassinate a world leader the next. Yeah, wrap your brain around that one. NB: I'm not trying to start up the whole islam thing again, just pointing out the glaring hypocrisy you often see with these rightwing fundies. And his hypocrisy isn't limited to words. He's defrauded his own people by channeling money meant for missionary work into diamond mining.

I know present company is excluded (ahem), but Falwell, Robertson and Dobson still pack them in and represent a significant portion of the GOP's voting base. Good to see some of y'all are willing to call bullshit on this guy. Now only if some of you worked in the Bush administration...


Is it time to postulate a corollary to Godwin's Law in which every thread on The Malcontent degenerates into a discussion about Islam?


I've had my say on the subject. Robbie? :)


Regarding whether he is dangerous or merely embarrassing: Just because someone makes himself a big, fat target doesn't mean that I am above squeezing off a few rounds.

North Dallas Thirty

That's true, Mal, but I think what would piss Robertson off even more would be to be IGNORED. :)


Excuse me Dan, but your forcing me into a terribly uncomfortable position here! I am forced to agree with NDT! Yikes!

I think Mal and Robbie would lump me in with the Lefty Whackadoos but I gotta tell ya, your hypocrisy-connect-the-dot thing with Robertson is far fetched.

And Goddess as my Witnessess, I don't EVER want to defend anything Pat Robertson has to say (except his right to say it, of course). But try and follow along for a second... If you have a man standing in front of a raging forest fire, and the fire is moving towards you, devouring everything in its path, and the guy yells "Hey there's a huge forest fire coming devouring everything in its path! Somebody do something! We gotta stop it! And by the way, we should assasinate Chavas" That doesn't mean the fire isn't coming towards us devouring everything in its path and it doesn't mean we shouldn't call the fire department and maybe grab a bucket and shovel ourselves...AND it doesn't mean we have to shoot Chavas"


Jeff, to completely answer you I'd have to get into the whole islam thing again. And I think I should give that a rest (here on mal's site at least. my blog is another story).

That being said, I stand by my hypocrisy comment. If you're condemning one group of people for being violent and savage, of disregarding the sanctity of life and then you turn around and encourage something very savage and violent yourself (the premeditated murder of a world leader) ... well, that just seems kinda hypocritical to me.


I'm not discouraging talk of Islam, I was just making an ironic observation (elsewhere) about how every discussion lately seems to mutate into that.


I know. But you can only do enough of the talking in circles/talking over each other thing before it gets tiresome. That special olympics/internet argument thing never seemed more apropos ;)


Please no more Islam. Let's discuss the English Royal family, Madonna's age spots or her wine brand, the race for governor of Texas, gun control, Ricky Martin in a speedo, Heath Ledger's penis, Lynn Swann running for governor of PA, is Jake Gyllenhall good looking or off beat good looking, anything but Islam.

Have a lovely weekend boys. Read you next week (I may peek in over the weekend)

Peace - and I mean that in a non-partisan way.

Queer Conservative

I did not say anything about that "other religion." :-)

Queer Conservative

I find neither Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhall attractive in the least. I think its part of the reason I have no desire to go see Brokeback.


I find neither Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhall attractive in the least. I think its part of the reason I have no desire to go see Brokeback.

OK, you can say anything you want about islam... but don't you dare DON'T YOU DARE say Jakie G isn't the sexiest, cutest guy on the planet. Them's fightin' words.


What does all of this have to do with that douche, Pat Robertson? :-)

North Dallas Thirty

Which one would Pat Robertson prefer to make nookie with, Jake or Heath?

Having seen Casanova, I say Heath....Pat could fulfill his fantasies of playing Instigator Pucci.....

North Dallas Thirty

And Mal, remember...... you asked for it. :)

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