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January 27, 2006


Rob Byrnes

I got 43% WTF?! The test must be broken.


Woah -- I scored a 30%! I guess that answered my question. Thanks, Mal!


76% Baby! woo-hoo! I am a lavender god!


46%. "Balanced"? As if!

North Dallas Thirty

26%. Now what does THAT say? :)


I got 40%. I bow to the gayness that is Aatom.


46%. I'm thinking the odds are pretty good that anything under 50% translates to you having a decent chance of being single in New York City. And Matt... If there was a question on there asking if you'd ever shot video-game deer, your percentage would've dropped a good 15 points.


Perhaps, but as you'll recall, I shot them very poorly.

North Dallas Thirty

Aatom will have his own perfume and cosmetic line before we know it......discerning toiletries for those of us with dry, un-gay skin. :)



I demand a recount!

North Dallas Thirty

LOL....Rod, does that make you Vice-Queer? :)


I tried to take the test... and got timed out! I think I broke the meter:-)

The sonic-mate scored a perfect 100%, and he's hardly gay at all... except for that having a husband thing.


We both did a do-over. I am 33% gay. Greg is 50% He didn't press the next button, and my results just got lost in internet traffic I guess.



Uhm, am I in the lead here?

I'm suddenly unsure if I should be proud or embarrassed. Oh noez.

Queer Conservative

60% gay. Satisfactory.

Jack Malebranche

I'm suddenly unsure if I should be proud or embarrassed.

Probably neither. I actually took this one months ago; I did it again and I just got 26%. I resisted saying this, because it's just a web site gimmick for Channel 4 or whatever, and nothing to be taking seriously...but once again, being gay is apparently a cultural thing that has almost nothing to do with one's sexual choices and everything to do with cultural choices. Gayness is a very distinct and apparently defineable (even testable!) culture. It seems to have something to do with piercings and grooming habits and an inexplicable association with good driving and competent screwing.

Craig Ranapia

Woo hoo - 20%. So "incredibly straight-acting" I am my own closet. OK, you have to treat these things as a bit of a giggle, but you really have to wonder what industrial solvent is being huffed around C4.


23% Robbie? I'm thinking you probably get a semi when you see boobies.... Traitor.


Jack, it sucks that I can't leave a comment on your site.

Jack Malebranche

Jamie - I think you just have to register as a user. If not, please send me an email from the bio page. If there's a problem I want to fix it; I know I have a few regular users that don't have a problem.

Jack  Fkn Nastie Twist



23%. Well, does this mean I have to start dating women on the side?


Um. I'm 43%. This doesn't make sense. I'm one of those "You're not really a lesbian!" lesbians.


I'm a 46%. On a test, that would be failing.


50%. How utterly...unremarkable.

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