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January 11, 2006


manhattan offender

Fuck Frankie and Dana.

Part of the fun of living here is learning to make it. "If I can make it ...blahblah"

North Dallas Thirty

Ye gods, MO.....suddenly I have this mental image of Mal and his hubby (who I've never seen, but who I assume has a body like Reichen and a face like Ian Somerhalder), dancing in the middle of a Manhattan strength singing, "Doing it our way.........We're gonna make it after all!!!!!!!"


Would you believe "hopping the subway to SoHo on a Tuesday afternoon to buy a medicine cabinet and flatware"?

North Dallas Thirty

I'll believe anything if the person telling it to me is cute enough. =)

This is why I can never believe a word Ted Kennedy says, but if Mark Valley ("Keen Eddie", "Boston Legal") were to walk up to me...well.....I was just following orders, officer!


What kind of "gay in New York" TV show is this, with no Fifth Avenue shopping sprees, no spa treatments, no meth binges? Oh, that's right. They're broke.

Tch, they have lips, don't they? In New York, that's all you need.

Downtown Lad

All I can say is that Malcontent's post are 100 times better than Robbie's.


Does anyone know the broker they used?

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