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January 29, 2006



I'm need to get a better graphics card before I can play Civ4, but Civ3 is my all-time favorite PC game.

It's been nice knowing ya, Robbie. Let me know whe you let the nukes fly.

North Dallas Thirty

Well, the original Hanging Gardens WERE built to please a homesick queen.......;)

Jack Malebranche



Seriously though? Speading Christianity is boring and it's frankly been done to death. Nothing more boring than a whole world of plain people in plain clothes singing Kumbaya. Try something more fun, like Vikings vs. a mad Cthulhu cult.

But hey, you're God.


my right-wing, crypto-fascist fantasies by spreading Christianity mercilessly and bringing the world of Islam to heel?

Is Ann Coulter playing also? lol

Jack Malebranche

That was a good one. Watching her play could be truly disturbing. Or maybe that's how she brainstorms for ideas...


"You've chosen to poison a Supreme Court Justice! Continue? y/n"

North Dallas Thirty

Poison? Jeez, no offense, Robbie, but that's so.....mortal.

Locusts, leprosy, recurring jock itch....now THOSE are the acts of a vengeful deity, not slipping a little Rat-Be-Gone into the creme brulee.

Jack Malebranche

There's always ebola.

Queer Conservative

Which Justice?


For true Old World depravity try something perverted with a modern name: 'vore' them to death!


I'd make fun of you, but I almost missed a date Saturday night because I was so engrossed in that damned game.


One thing I noticed playing this game... for a self-avowed liberal I sure do whip out the big guns fast. Kill or be killed, man :)


Not that I've played video games in years, but back in the days of "Civ I," I would be Hitler. I would generally become so bored playing that I'd cheat and give him nukes and all this advanced weaponry, and then watch him take over the world. (Please, no hate emails. This is not a fantasy of mine!)

I guess it was the adult-male version of the sick pleasure one gets from tearing the legs off a grasshopper.


Best Civ version ever!

Although I'm a little bit concerned over how much I enjoying nuking other countries.


I'm a little surprised by this version. I nuked a bunch of Buddhists because. . . well, because I could. However, the rest of the world really didn't seem to care. In past games, nuke tossing brought the wrath of countries upon you. In this version, it's just "Aw, that wasn't very nice. So, are we going to trade coal or what?"

I've only used one nuke thus far, so perhaps each nuke incurs a cumulative diplomatic penalty. And now that I've wrested control of the United Nations away from a spineless Queen Victoria, we'll not be having any non-proliferation treaties bringing my nuke arsenal under control.

So far, I've obliterated the Indians and the Greeks. I've already fought one war with the French, and true to life, they couldn't even make it across my border with that army pathetic excuse for an army. Once I've 100 modern armors, I'm going to march my ass right through Paris, cackling all the way.

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