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January 16, 2006



Thanks for the clip. I heard about Jakes appearance, but missed it.


Yeh yeh what a great show everyday i watch here in holland. Jay Leno is good also that nice guy Jake Gyllenhaal
with his Molto Mario food(kitchen. The italian food is great. But dutch food is also great. I can send you a book
with a lot of great foods here in holland what we eat.
Sorry for the english words but i think you can understand it. Pss. is there a Molto Book??
It was also nice to see Jake's appearance.(funny laughing guy).
And go one Jay with the show's

Richard from Holland


heya i'm tryna download this but it keeps stopping at 15%. like everytime i make a new download it stops at 15% and just ends. any idea why? i'm dumb at this tech shit :( AND i love jake...my heart is aching so bad now.


That's probably because my old ISP for videos is now being a dick and has ratcheted back the bandwidth allotment on that server. Anything posted on the new server (last several weeks) is not affected by this.

Does it work when you right-click and try to "save target as" to your hard drive?

I will probably take this up with the old ISP, but I imagine it will cost me.


Oddly enough, I transferred this file to the new server a few days ago. Try using this link:


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