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January 24, 2006



I don't see that Harper has much chance of rescinding gay marriage in Canada. If I remember correctly (and I'm sure someone will correct me if I don't) the high court in one province ruled that marriage could not be denied to same-sex couples, with several other provinces following suit independently, which was then followed by the national bill making it legal. At the time of the bill's construction, according to 365gay.com, 57% of Canadians agreed that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry. (Not each other, silly.)

There does not seem to me to be an overwhelming movement to rescind gay marriage in Canada, despite what this article says regarding yesterday's election: "Harper has also reacted positively to the U.S. offer to incorporate Canada into its missile-defence shield and said he wanted to revisit the legalization of gay marriage and put it up for a vote in Parliament. "

Ain't gonna happen.


He has such a small margin he will be unable to do much domesticly but he will be the voice of foreign policy. I just hope people don't think this is such a great victory for the right, after 13 years of one party rule Canada was ready for a change at the top.


The only thing this proves is that there are morons, er... Conservatives in Canada too.


Small correction: the Bloc Quebecois is the separatist party that runs federally and has a straight leader. The provinical Parti Quebecois has the gay leader that took cocaine while in cabinet.


It's been about 15 years since I took Canadian politics (I really did), so help me out here: Both parties are separatist, right? Is there no connection between them? Most of the stories I read seemed to indicate the gay man was the head of a federal party, although that was probably just a result of the typical breathless hype of the gay media.


I'll try not to bore you with this cuz I could go on for hours ;-)

When the Tories were last in power one of the Quebec MPs (and member of cabinet) was Lucien Bouchard. He stormed out of the government and founded the Bloc Quebecois. Essentially the party is a carbon copy of the provincial PQ but they are completely separate. Their aims are the same and they draw on the same pool of political talent but they are not connected.

What can be confusing is that the leader of the BQ is always seen as a potential head of the PQ (Bouchard was the first one to make the leap from BQ to PQ).

So why did you take Canadian politics of all things? For Grade 13 history I had to take American History. One thing I always remembered was the Free Soil Party - loved the sound of them, I just can't remember what they were about.


oh! and the federal BQ has a very well known gay MP Real Menard - I don't think he's ever been in contention for the leadership. But he is often interviewd as the gay BQ guy.

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