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January 01, 2006



I too was a bit disturbed by ABC's use of Dick Clark last night. I guess he wanted to do it and it probably was very important to him. But is certainly seemed exploitative and sad. I would hope that I would have the dignity to just walk away if in a similar situation someday. However, I don't have Dick Clark's ego, nor anything close to his career, so I cannot relate.

North Dallas Thirty

I would agree. "Questionable taste" would be making jokes about Dick Clark's condition. What ABC did should be well into the realm of "appalling".



It could be a positive message that says people who are less than movie star perfect still have a place in this world; even on TV.


I didn't watch the whole thing last night, but I was happy that Dick Clark was back. If he wanted to do it and was able to do it, then why not?


I felt the same way when I saw Kirk Douglas on screen, afterhis stroke. But it was my problem, not his. He was only continuing to do what he's done all his life, act.
Also, stroke patients have impaired speach (aphasia) not always impaired thinking.


Overall, I was stunned when I first heard him speak. I do think there comes a time, to go out on top and just know that you can't handle the whole shebang. He could have done the countdown and the last 5 mins or so - and everyone would have thought he was brave and courageous as he was. But to try to anchor the whole thing, saddened the whole country as to his condition. I know I sort of welled up at first - and that is not how you want to remember an event.


I totally agree.


Although Dick was disturbing to watch, I understand his need to show up "one last time" before handing the reigns over. So we suffered with him for a few hours, he's given us so much for so many years.
I also didn't want the New Year to pass without thanking you for a year of fabulousity. I always look forward to my daily fix of Malcontent. !
All the best in 2006.


Pop Muse

my favorite part was how it pops out of the depressing clark moment into ABC Voiceover Guy yelling "An up next a rockin performance by Hillary Duff." Oh the humanity!


Frankly, I found it brave and inspiring, and any discomfort I felt was my responsibility.

Why is it that we are comfortable only around perfection?


Then maybe Kirk Douglas should replace Dan Rather, what say?

A prerequisite of a broadcaster is being able to broadcast. If that was his swan-song, as it rightly should have been (after a very distinguished career, I would add), then they should say so.

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