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January 27, 2006



Thanks - I look forward to seeing the whole show - I also love the fact that the other guest being advertised on the show is Tyler Perry - the drag queen who is loved by the African American community for his shows that embrace wholesome family christian values. I just love it that no one seems to care (or acknowledge) that he is sassy drag queen who carries a gun (albeit for comic effect). God bless family values!

Having Tyler on with the Brokeback guys is just great! I have hopes that Oprah brings up this great irony - but doubt she will.


He's a drag queen? I thought he was just a comedian with a movie out. They did an interview "by sattelite" with Tyler dressed like his grandmother, but I thought it was a sort of Martin Laurence in Big Momma's House thing.

I admit, I was preoccupied editing the Brokeback stuff at the time, so I was only kinda listening to it in the background. D'oh. Had I known that, I would've started a new recording and posted a clip. Ah well, Oprah reruns here at 11 PM, so maybe maybe.


Well, he is a guy who is famous (VERY famous in the African American community) for playing "Madea," a sassy big black woman. While I do not think he will be playing Wigstock anytime soon, he is a drag queen nonetheless.

This guy writes, directs and stars in his shows and sells out huge theaters all over the country, in addition to movies. It is quite incredible. From what I know, all his shows are big broad gospel stories about living "right" (with Mr. Perry in drag).

(also, it is my guess that sister Perry is firmly in his closet with his dresses.)

I just love the whole hypocrisy of it all!


My MalcoVisionator is still set to record it at 4 p.m. EST.


Doesn't anyone else find this "we're really, really straight" routine boring and sad. I haven't seen the movie yet, but Oprah's spin on this has now put the "chick flick" stamp on it. Jake Jake the Pillow Snake, I'll wait until I am in a better frame of mind.


It does seem like they're trying really hard to both A)Prove their heterosexuality and B)Not insult the homosexual community. They're walking the PC line like it's a tightrope. Yeah, it's kinda sad--sad that they seem to be more on the defensive with each question, but I think that's more of a reflection of how society really is than any reflection on their individual character. Notice how Jake seemed MUCH more defensive than Heath? Jake was the "bottom," so he feels he's got that much more to prove. Of course, getting snubbed by the Golden Globes might have him still smarting, too. ;)


Listen to Jake's comments a little more closely: It sounds to me like he is parsing his words a bit more carefully than the average "straight" boy would. ;-)


It sounds to me like he is parsing his words a bit more carefully than the average "straight" boy would.

Not to be crude, but how exactly do you think the average "straight boy who just let the nation see him take it up the ass" would act? I bet he'd act a bit differently from the average "straight" boy. Give him a little leeway here. It's not like he's got ads up on Gay.com, like your other celeb du jour posting. ;)


I thought they did very well. It's impossible to explain what doing a sex scene or love scene involves. It's anything but sexy.
People want to titter, and make it "
ooh dirty". But it's mostly choreography and lighting. And tedium.
At least they were funny.


In just the Malcontent still alone, it is Heath who looks most closed, between the two boys. A most symbolic image, as in interviews of past, of which I've both read and watched with respect to "A Brokeback Mounting," it has been Ledger moreso than Jake, who has seemed far more anxious in discussing their little fuck-buddy roles. Jake has always seemed to be more open and more comfortable in articulating his Brokeback experience. I would surmize that though Heath did seem a bit less anxious than usual on Oprah's show, it may have had something to do with the fact that he was there with his true better half, his wifey - a quaint little security blanket for him I sure.

Oh and as for Ms. Tyler Perry, DEFINITELY A CLOSET QUEEN!!!!!


Thanks for the video. That's the only interview I've seen so far.


God, she sucks. From what I can tell from the clip, the interview was bland because Oprah asks some of the most banal questions. I think Heath and Jake especially do a good job given the absolutely retarded shit coming out of her mouth. There are points where Jake seems to be thinking "if this bitch asks us another stupid ass question...."

And I can't believe she brought up the term "down low". Dumb whore.


Dear, "dumb whores" don't live to see themselves become billionaires. Stop hating.


Whether she has 1 dollar or a billion her questions were stupid. That was not hateration. More like holleration, okay.


Yeah okay, "Nary" J Blidge.


Word. Her swooning, shreiking audience-laden deconstruction of the film did nothing but demean and trivialize it. Oprah's a tired, shallow, mega-corporate lowest-common-denominator sales figurine. She's a slave to her marketplace, themselves enslaved to this brand of creampuff entertainment. We shouldn't expect too much of O in the way of depth or articulation.

Oh yeah, and about those straight-boy-on-straight-boy Brokeback scenes? In my masturbation fantasies, Jake and Heath loved every minute of it.

Hadassah Weinreb

Perhaps Tyler Perry is merely working the Dame Edma side o the street..

Craig Ranapia


Well, there's a significant stigma around mental illness in this world. I don't recall Jake doing a lot of media for Donnie Darko where he felt the need to remind everyone that he's not *really* a paranoid-schizophrenic pyromaniac. (For that matter, after doing 'Secretary' I don't recall Jake's big sister being asked whether she could come in real life without some B&D and a side of self-mutilation.) I just find it rather ironic that both Ledger and Gyllenhal can play violent and twisted criminals without needing to remind every one they're "act-ors" and don't do that kind of thing in real life. Wanna prattle about "tolerance", boys? Well, think about the message you're sending by being so fucking defensive - getting lobbed softballs by Oprah Winfry is hardly mincing up the aisle of the Westboro Baptist Church in matching Vera Wang gowns.

And it's nice to see Oprah getting back to the celebrity fellatio after her face-saving dominatrix session with James "My Credibility In A Million Little Pieces" Frey. Play to your strengths, girlfriend.


Posted by: Hadassah Weinreb



Daniel, they totally loved it.



I think Gyllenhal in particular has stated clearly that he is not the perfect straight phobic-free actor/spokesman that seemingly you and others would like for him to be. Is it not enough though that the man chose to take on what he believed to be a beautiful and important role, over whatever homophobic issues he's admitted to having - and has sinced honored that decision? That's quite a courageous leap for a str8 boy in this society and I think we all realize that most str8 or gay actors would never have the balls to have chosen such a part in a movie. I think Gyllenhal is handling himself extremely well, given the many circumstances he's under.

A few years back Oprah quoted the results of some random poll that I'll never forget. The findings suggested that 87 percent of American parents would rather their child become a convicted felon rather than a transexual.

Let's cut Gyllenhal and Ledger just a bit more slack people.


There were transexuals in Brokeback Mountain? Damn. I know my attention wandered during some of the slower passages, but I didn't realize I'd missed that much.

Craig Ranapia


Hey, I'm quite willing to cut them both a lot of slack - and I happen to think the only thing when went on Oprah to be spokesmen for is the film they're promoting, and the continued vitality and good health of their careers.

I just wish they'd take some cues from Ang Lee - who faced some *ahem* speculation around his sexual orientation following The Wedding Banquet which he managed to address with considerable dignity and a lack of assertion of his heterosexual bona fides. And we're not talking about a man who was raised by two mommies in West Hollywood, or having his film financed out of Elton John's shoe budget.

You know something, I just so fucking get it. Jake and Heath are actors. And heterosexuals who are playing homosexual characters - and incidentally the chance to work with one of the best directors working today, period. Give them a medal. Give them both Oscars. Give them wee fistfuls of valium.


The whole Tyler Perry/Madea Simmons is a rather interesting cultural moment. The brother, as has been noted here, is very famous among black folk and his morality plays have made him a nice penny. He is no August Wilson of course, but he's not trying to be. He undertsands his market and who is coming to see his work. And he does not need a "cross-over" hit (translation:white fans) to continue to bring in the ducats. Now I have to confess, his stuff bores me to tears but that is because I'm a 21st Century oreo (grin).



I thought this was less about Heath and Jake -- who were both mostly impressive -- and more about Oprah. She focused all her questions on how horribly difficult it must have been for these two stapping straight boys to make this movie. She kept her questions tightly focused around the sex and romance scenes. She avoided discussion on the unifying themes of the film, it's unexpected success in the heartland, and the struggle of gays in society, then and now. She even equated their characters as being on the "down low," an ignorant comment that undermines the main characters' struggles and gives her audience a cynical interpretation of the movie. Luckily, the two actors to her right showed more wisdom and sophistication, and at many years her junior. Both Heath and Jake interjected with sensible comments on sterotyping, loving other people, and the central messages of the film.

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