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January 27, 2006



Let's face it. Oprah isn't all it's cracked up to be - the show, the person ... Her questions are mediocre at best. Never does she conduct what I would call a "great" interview. Heath and Jake were awesome in the film and are handling themselves well. This was a serious movie about a tricky subject. Of course they're nervous, of course they're watching their words ... any type of accusation can be thrown at them. The "down low" comment - forget the fact that there was a homosexual theme - Oprah mentioned nothing of regular old extra-marital relationships.

Brokeback Mountian was is not a movie about gays. It's a movie about people who fall in love but are kept apart by circumstances that drive up in between them.

Oprah missed that.


I WILL BE HONEST. The idea of this movie with a gay love scene was enough to keep me away. Since I have read info from the director and some critics, I also view the movie as possibly an excellent piece of art. I admire Heath Ledgers work,he captures the characters emotions so damn well in any of his movies. I would love to see the scene when one of the women "finds out". Having gay friends is very different than stomaching a love scene between two of them.Will I see this movie? Still do not know.


Lauren - Now it's MY turn to be honest! If being one of your "gay friends" means living with the knowledge that the idea of me expressing my love for the object of my affection strikes you as being in the same category as putting your finger on the very back of your tongue, then you can keep your friendship, because you most certainly haven't learned the meaning of the term. You make it sound on paar with asking me to watch you change your tampon - no thank you, I'll pass - but I understand that it goes with the territory, just please don't ask me to have to think about THAT part of your life!!


I apologize - that last comment should have been directed towards April-Anne, NOT Lauren!


Now, ARN, be nice. My Spidey Sense tells me that not many women read this site, and I don't want to scare them away, even if we don't agree with them. :-)

Craig Ranapia


We had this argument a while back. I've plenty of straight friends, respect their civil and political rights 'til it hurts, but I'm a little too old and jaded to be titilated by an over-hyped scene of two near-nude heterosexuals dry-humping. Deal with it, and please don't trot out the standard homopbobe line that this is proof that homosexuality in men is a symptom of of gynophobia.


Maybe this is bringing in something that doesn't belong here; if so, please feel free to rip on me. I would look upon it as an education.

Let me say first, to give context to my comments, that I have a serious wanna-lick-him-head-to-toe-with-a-particular-emphasis-on-that-maddeningly-luscious-treasue-trail thing for JG. He isn't my usual 'type' but his mannerisms, his un-self conscious giggle, and his obvious comfort in his own skin "do something" to me. I am a Str8 gurrl that was tending toward thinking, yeah, there is something to the Toothy Tile thing...UNTIL I saw the Oprah interview. After a couple of viewings, I throw this question out there, at the risk of being skewered, as I am the first to admit my naivete':

While I realize he is an AKtor (and a good one, by all indication...) could ANYONE trying to hide something as profound as alleged/gossiped homosexuality come close to 'faking' this level of comfort and ease during a discussion of the very thing he was trying with every ounce of his being to hide? There was just zero unease in his discussion of any part of the 'controversy' surrounding this film--not the slightest defensiveness. I mean, I can imagine 'playing' straight during interviews about 'Day After Tomorrow" but I can't imagine pulling off that degree of naturalistic ease with the subject when on the couch, one-on-one with Oprah's simplistic interrogation-slash-totally juvenile hinty-probings.

Does this make any sense? I am dying for feedback (all the better from folks that can find the QUESTION in this circular musing...


Felicia Wilson

I think having Dave Chappelle on tha Oprah Winfrey show was a bad idea..it is clear that the man is eiher slow or something..Was he high or is that normal for him to talk like that?


ARN – at the risk of dredging up a past blog topic -- in all fairness to April-Anne, it is not surprising that some heterosexual people are apprehensive about the Brokeback Mountain love scene -- there aren’t enough gay love scene images out there. Brokeback Mountain should help take the “shock value” out of otherwise benign gay love scenes in future films.

Regarding Oprah's lame line of questioning -- I am not aware of many instances where gay actors who have performed straight love scenes are put through the same battery of questioning on talk-shows, to prove that they are still homosexuals and discuss how the scene made them feel uncomfortable. If we start seeing this line of questioning, we will know that our culture has really shifted its perspective. Because aren’t talk show hosts merely speaking on behalf of their audiences anyway?


I went to see the movie and i was amazed, it was great! there are only few movies that i can say a scene had stay in my memories and the kiss in the spes is one of them, there was so much pasion in it and that kind of talent is hard to find today.
i never watch opera and after the interview i remember why...she missed the entire point of the movie... shame on her .




Much as Anne H. made a big deal about her embarrassment at "disrespecting Oprah" (btw, did anyone else find her to be weirdly fakey? And what's with the excessively pancakey makeup? And does anyone else think Michelle W. is about the most adorable thing? And think that she and Heath are an adorable couple, and hope they make it? But I digress) I thought it was Hi-freaking-larious when the guys refused to let her put words in their mouths by redirecting her stupid questions (Heath in particular) or used her stupid questions as an opportunity to be pretty damned funny (Jake in particular) and she got all school-marm pissy about it! Just about everyone on stage took her down a notch, and boy did she not like it! Heh.


Oprah definetly missed the point of this movie, but whether she gets it or not isn't what bothers me, what bothers me is that the gay cumunity is about to turn this movie into another damn gay pride parade. why is it that every time there is anything "gay" on the screen we act like it's the super bowl? I say quit screaming about equality until you're ready to be equal". How many straight people do you know that have a party every time someone proclaims ther heterosexuality. some of you probably won't like this very much but it's my opinion, and I'm entiteled to have it.



Personally, I've known too many heterosexual braggarts who have felt the need to promote their heterosexual conquests. But that's beside the point.

There isn't a need for people to celebrate their heterosexuality because heterosexuality is an expectation instead of an exception -- it hasn't been vilified like homosexuality. There aren’t too many laws condemning heterosexual acts, but there have been, and still remain, laws against homosexual acts. I haven’t heard of any heterosexuals who have been strung up on fences or bludgeoned in bars because of their heterosexuality – maybe for adulterous acts, but not for the being heterosexual. Back in the day, you weren’t diagnosed with a disorder for being a heterosexual, but plenty of psychiatrists did and still make this diagnosis of homosexuals. For these reasons and many more, homosexuals have every right to celebrate a tasteful and very artistically done movie that applies the universal theme of love to a sexual orientation that has been historically shunned.


Chessie, as a gay man, I am not sure I could agree with you more, and I have said so. The obsession some websites have with "Brokeback" boggles my mind, but the fact remains that there are a lot of people out there who want to know about it every time Heath Ledger farts. I know because I get their emails.

It's a fine, fine film, but our collective hysterical reaction to it is another brick in the wall of one of my ongoing theses: that gays are still "not quite ready for primetime."

Jamie (different one)

Well... I don't see why the need to make comments about them exists... I figured they both did what they thought they should, and handled it the way they wanted.

As for how they demeaned or didn't demean gays or the gay community or some such other thing to do with being gay, does it really matter all that much? I live in the Bible belt, south Mississippi, and I've met with enough contention to know that arguing and snide comments don't really help anybody at all. In fact, its just the opposite; it seems that when you treat people with respect, and don't act STUPID, then they tend to treat you the same way. Unless, of course, they are stupid, in which case you ignore them and get on with your life.

Oprah's just doing what she does to make her money, and so are those two. Live and let live, and all that jazz.


We just saw Brokeback Mountain last night. It is a bit disjointed in its presentation, but as you realize the effect the 'events' have on these two men's lives, you realize that the jagged way in which the story is told is a reflection of the tearing of the fabric of their self-images as they try to live with what they discover about themselves and can't tell. It's heartwrenching, especially at the end, and not the lurid promotion of a lifestyle as some would like others to believe. It shows just how hard it is to realize something about oneself that, in some circles, can actually get them killed. I hope anyone who watches this stops and thinks about the humanity - not just the act.


I saw Brokeback last night and really, really loved it. I thought Heath and Jake did a great job of bringing these characters to vibrant life and it took no effort to believe their love for each other was genuine and far beyond the issue of gender.

Now, I'm a straight girl and I'm watching these sex scenes and getting totally turned on. Given the prevalence of slash fanfiction (mostly written by women), I'm pretty sure I'm not the only female that has this reaction. I was just wondering how the guys feel about that? I know that the whole "straight guys love to watch girls make out" is basically accepted (and expected?), but not so much the other way... any thoughts as to why? is it our patriarchal society? Or are girls too shy (or repressed by this patriarchal soceity) to admit and be open about this interest? And how do gay men feel about this kind of... fetish?

I'm really interested to know what other people think about this.

Jill Murdock

Omg haha thats the most funnest video ever! i couldent stop laughing at the part when heath was talking about the kissing part with the pillow then jake said he does omg i couldent stop laughing i was crying! haha. All 4 did a terrific part in brokeback mountain, i really loved the movie. If it was differnt actors/actress i probably wouldent of liked it, it wouldent be the same thing.


You said: I know that the whole "straight guys love to watch girls make out" is basically accepted (and expected?), but not so much the other way... any thoughts as to why?

I think you are right in that repression has a lot to do with it. A girl is still considered a slut if she is sexual. Girls are to ignore and guys are encouraged to act on sexual urges. Girls are sought after; they do not seek. A woman’s social standing is related to how much she is desired. So if you are a girl watching two men make out, you are not supposed to get turned on because 1). you are not supposed to think of or act on sex and 2). you are not the object of the guys’ affection.

hp dawson

I have seen the film twice. Once for the story flow; second time to hear the words and feel the emotions behind them. Brokeback Mountain is not about sex. Its about love and Ang Lee's sensitivity to the material is direct and sparce with its lack of frivolity.
When the post card is returned marked "deceased", the theater becomes very quiet. I believe all became aware of the pain of loss.
Very special: the final scene when Ennis puts Jack and Brokeback back in the closet.
Call it whatever you wish but it's an American Screen Classic!


This message is for Wendy. I agree...........like you, I'm a straight girl, and found Brokeback Mountain quite a "turn-on". Watching those two "hotties" getting emotionally & physically "close" was sweet and unsettling to say the least. The film has changed my way of thinking about this subject and the movie's message (should anyone have missed it).....is.........."try not to judge how people choose to love each other"


some of us are really tired of the trash on TV especially the crap about "gays" which is a misnomer, at 600% higher suicide rate, 300% higher alcohol use, etc. it seems like the term "gay" isn't true.
some of us are tired of hollywood trying to force something down our throat, that is against nature and morals, and then TV hosts that support it.
I thought that when Oprah started she would take charge and not allow some of the filth to enter, but now the padering to "undesireables" is getting worse.


check this out, when asking questions about the hurricane and how it effected Louisianna you could be shocked.


*some of us are tired of hollywood trying to force something down our throat*

What the hell are you talking about? If you don't want to see a certain film, DON"T WATCH IT!!! No one is putting anything down your throat, unless you secretly want them too.

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