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January 30, 2006



??? why'd you change the intro? I loved it!


Got to love Family Guy - can't wait for Stewie's new online talk show


I don't think it's changed for good. I hope to have a number of different intros so that I can still "brand" the clips, but not make it too monotonous and predictable for readers/viewers. I came up with the new one for "When Ursines Attack" because it is much shorter. The old one would have been about half the length of the clip it was introducing.

We also have the "Skintastic" intro, which I anticipate using again in the next day or two. Should be good news for those who visit here via FleshBot. :-)


OMG...That is too funny! I love Family Guy!


Malco, Heath won the New York Film Critics award too...considered the most prestigious of the critics groups. I know he picked up the SFFC too, as well as a few more. Where'd you get your info? Maybe check out the chart at Movie City News?


Gunn, you are correct. He won the NY Film Critics, as well as critics' awards for Central Ohio, St. Louis and San Francisco. I think these might have occurred since I first reference these awards in an earlier post and should have checked the updated list.

I have been tracking it here.


Anyone know where I can get a parachute like that?

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