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January 27, 2006



This Green Beret sounds like a real tool. What a jerk. The poor guy (Clay) is going to have his career destroyed all because this guy wants to make a few bucks. Dirtbag!


Why would being gay destroy his career? elton, micheal, and liberace sure seemed to do okay.


Umm... Clay pretty much destroyed his own career by a) refusing to acknowledge the obvious from the get-go and b) trolling 'anonymously' for (unsafe) internet booty and thinking it'd keep quiet forever.


Oh, and I forgot c) thinking he could go pro with a haircut like that. Good Lord.


I have heard similar stories in the past about Web hookups with Clay from two different sources. They were so similar I had no reason to doubt them. Sounds like the boy has been playing with fire (an inferno, really), especially if he's barebacking.

I'm sure all the 13-year-old girls will love to read all about Clay's favorite positions in the next Tiger Beat. (Do they even publish that rag anymore?) :-)

Queer Conservative

I tried to Google John Paulus but all I got was this. Needless to say it wasn't what I was hoping for.


His career won't suffer because he's gay - it will suffer because of a salacious story being peddled by someone whose motives are unknown. While Clay can only blame himself for such risky behavior, how many of us have hooked up in awkward situations yet haven't had to worry that the details would be splashed all over the media.

Queer Conservative

::Raises Hand::


People far less famous than Clay have had quite active sex lives, yet are far more prudent than he.

el polacko

i'm shocked ! ..SHOCKED, i tell you ! no, not that he's gay.. i mean come on already... but that the hideous twerp got pounded by a green beret and didn't even have to pay for it ?! life is so unfair.


I hate these kinds of stories. Let's say it's true, yes Aiken was stupid for looking for anonymous sex but that doesn't change the fact that this guy is a jerk. What Aiken does in his bedroom really isn't any of our business. People who sleep with someone and then go blab it all over, especially to make a quick buck, are real slimeballs.

North Dallas Thirty

I would tend to agree with AGJ.

First, I'm philosophically opposed to this type of scandalmongering.

Second, yick, ewww, who in their right gay mind would sleep with Clay Aiken?????


Wow, I'm really finding myself at cross-purposes with readers lately!

When I named this site, I debated between using "Malcontent" or "Contrarian." Maybe I should have picked the latter.

Yum Yum

Why would Clay's career be destroyed if he was really gay? If he really is, he wouldn't be the first homo to deny his homoexuality. I could care less if he's gay. It doesn't make him a worse singer than he already is.


I feel badly for Clay. If he is gay, his community is offering him no support; in fact, many are circling like sharks going for blood.

And if he is straight, his manhood will be a laughing stock for the rest of his life. And John Paulus will be sitting back counting the money.

The music industry rejects him because they didn't "make" him, they won't play him on the radio because he wouldn't let RCA pay for play, and his fans are ridiculed unmercifully. Sad really, because he does, at least, sing well.


Clay trolls the net for men; he trolls that "private" membership club in LA so what? He's gay, gay,gay.

How do you spell flamer: Clay Aiken of course

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