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January 20, 2006


North Dallas Thirty

But quarterbacks MAKE most of the passes, so........


Someone is trying to be the new Wonkette..and doing a good job of it. ;-)


In the interest of full disclosure, my insipration was this, which I think of anytime I think of "gay" and "football" together. (Scroll down to where he talks about "Bruce Koscioski.")


We all knew Drier was a catcher anyway.


Is there anyone in congress that is smart?

Good Job on LOGO - and looking kind of cute too.


Thanks, Donald -- and thanks for not wading into the messy fray at the previous post. ;-)


Wow I just read the messy fray. Good lord. Well I'm 46 and have always been sort plain, cuteish in my younger day in a nerdy kind of way but not too many people hit on me until I started dating my man 22 years ago and then I could have been a busy boy but I had no interest. Now after all that time people don't say hello they ask where is Earl. I think you are cute. As long as you are happy with who you are fuck the pissy mean jerks


I can just see his brain trust working on this sound bite.

"I kind of describe myself as the wide receiver for this speaker"


"I kind of describe myself as the tight end for this speaker"

Absolutely not.

Come on guys... there's gotta be some other position we can use!


Head Coach.



North Dallas Thirty

"Halfback", and instead of passing, "pick up the ball and run with it". Simple football vocabulary.

Good grief, doesn't the man have any lesbians on his staff who can help him with this kind of thing? ;)


Hey, Jamie, you know how you can tell who's the head coach?

He's the one with the dirty knees.

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