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January 24, 2006



I agree with him.

I don't support our troops either.

USA out of Irag/Afghanistan/Palestine!!!

I put that exact sentiment into my profile at BMB, to make sure I didn't accidently fuck any gay Republicans.

True Story!


Someday people will figure out that it is a volunteer armed forces that knew going in that they might have to go to war someday. As a former (out pre DADT)military person stuck in the desert the first time I don't understand what all the yellow ribbon crap is about. It would be different if one was drafted, at least then they didn't ask for it. It's a job like being a mailman or waitress. I do think it is funny that rarely do the people that send them into situations know from experience what it means first hand. Patriotism would mean that people give selflessly not for a paycheck


Do I agree with him? God knows I hate that fucking yellow ribbon magnetic subliminal bullshit. My cousin has been overseas twice and his mother swears by those fucking magnets. I won't. Call me unpatriotic, but I won't. I support my cousin not dying, but that's about it.


I am happy that I haven't the foggiest what "BMB" is.


I'm sitting here thinking of what BMB could possibly stand for. I get the feeling that I don't want to know.


There is nothing either inconsistent or wussy about supporting the troops and not supporting the war. Most people who would have you believe otherwise are trying to discredit anyone who's against the war as unpatriotic. I am not a fan of the invasion of Iraq, but it busts me up when I hear a profile of yet another fallen soldier. Yes, soldiers know going in that there's a chance that they'll have to go to war, but that doesn't mean that they somehow deserve to die or that anyone wants them to die. People who say that they don't support the troops generally should think about how they'd feel if the U.S. were to be invaded. You'd probably be glad that we had troops then. People who say that you have to support the military action to support the troops should think about how they'd feel if the U.S. invaded Canada. You probably wouldn't like it, but you could still support the troops without supporting the policy.


Oh, you delicate wilting flowers. So precious.


Get with the program.


No offense to bears, but, umm ... no wonder I had not clue.


Oh good. This spares me any hesitation of saying "fuck off".

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