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January 24, 2006



They are straight guys. Why should we expect them to react much differently. I think the comments were cheap shots but I don't think they set society back very much. It's a bloody fake reality show for chrissake lighten up.

So needless to say I voted no. We can not expect straight people to be perfect. If they were they would be too much like us and what fun would that be?


I am firmly in the camp of "can't you take a joke?" Always. And I hate those who cry foul at every little ding to their pride.
There is a difference between racial/ethnic/sexual humor and humor which assumes the simple fact that one is/may be a minority is per se funny. To explain: making a joke to a gay man about Cher, or being a hair-cutter, or a florist is the first category of humor. Some like it, some don't, but it's humor based on a stereotype. The opposing example would be saying to a straight man, "What are you, a fag?" There is no humor about a stereotype here; the entire humor is contained in the mere thought that a man might be gay, which is just supposed to be funny all on its own. Just because, you know, it's an insult to be gay. Humor of that type I have less quarrel with being placed in the homophobic camp, and I think that's where Simon was going with his comments.

Jack Malebranche

If I were a straight person, GLAAD would make me homophobic, for doing exactly this sort of thing.

I don't think saying a male who is overtly effeminate is acting like a woman is homophobic at all. If he's acting like a woman, why is calling him out 'homophobic.' Are all homosexuals men who act like women? If not, then it's not homophobic.


GLAAD are a bunch of hairy lesbians so they ain't gonna like a show with "winners" and "losers" anyway. They might approve of the World's Strongest Woman competition though.

Jack Malebranche

GLAAD are a bunch of hairy lesbians so they ain't gonna like a show with "winners" and "losers" anyway.

Yes, it probably should have more hugs and talk about feelings and deconstructing the patriarchal aspects of competition.

Queer Conservative

At worst Simon was an asshole - but we've known that since the first season. I don't think his assholeishness is limited by gender, sexual orientation, or race - it's just general misanthropism.

As for Zachary - I would have asked the same damn question as Randy. Besides, Zachary brought it up in his opening statement when he said he found it funny that people mistake him for a girl and it makes him laugh his ass off. He showed no discomfort whatsoever with Randy's question. In fact, his "outrage" didn't manifest itself until the told him he couldn't sing, and I don't think anyone would disagree with them about that. Funny how the "chip" on his shoulder appeared only after he was rejected.


Like I said before, it's Murdoch's network. I wouldn't expect it NOT to be homophobic.

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