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January 18, 2006


manhattan offender

Sullivan fisted Mickey Kaus?

Oh. Sorry. Read that too fast.


Hey...I caught the horrible, horrible, horrible Love Monkey on CBS last night. As my attention waned, I did look up to catch part of the second-to-final scene which was a musical montage showing people connecting with those they loved.

I think they showed one of the characters as a doorway). I only caught the back of his head, so I was wondering if you have any insight? I think it was the sports reporter/former MLB player who earlier rejected the advances of a woman.

On second thought, I am putting way to much thought into a show I kept yelling out what I thought (and what did) would happen in each predictable scene.


Um, I didn't mean they showed one of the characters as a doorway. I meant to type: "as a closeted gay (bringing flowers to a man in a doorway)."

North Dallas Thirty

Sigh......it's just not a Sully appearance without a butt-grab.


John: I was too busy laughing my ass off at American Idol. I think Robbie might have caught Love Monkey, though -- we'll wait to see when he materializes today.

Queer Conservative

I watched Love Monkey. I didn't think it was bad. Predictable perhaps - but what isn't these days? The gay character is Jack Dunne played by Chris Weihl. Jack's a former pro athlete turned sports writer and he is still in the closet.


Ahh..ok. That makes sense. And um, yeah bad is when they make the athlete as the closet gay. A bit cliche. Still, after working as a music journalist, I'll keep watching.

I watched alot of Idol as well. Apart from being homophobic (more so as not funny than hateful), it was interesting to see who the producers put through to face the Idol judges because a) they could sing, b) they couldn't sing but thought they could, or c) couldn't sing and knew they couldn't, but pretended they thought they could just so they could get on t.v.

Queer Conservative

The auditions and the first round of cuts in Hollywood to get down to the final 12 are my favorite parts of the show. I tend to lose interest when it turns into the "phone-in popularity contest."


Wow, now we have two America Idol threads going.

I find it intriguing what one person finds homophobic and another does not, because I don't find that to be so of American Idol at all. In fact, it is strangely agnostic on most matters of sexuality, even when the femmiest queens are doing their thang.

I thought Simon's comment to the one boy that he should be doing drag to be not particularly funny, but it was actually pretty apt.

Queer Conservative

I think it's safe to say Simon wasn't trying to be funny. He meant the guy should be doing drag.

I'm getting confused about where I'm commenting...all your posts are belong to AI.

Jack Malebranche

Regardless of his dubious marriage rationale (everyone else is doing it...) and his moving born that way soundbyte, I think Andrew Sullivan may be starting to qualify under the criteria of my Mussolini fetish.

I want to see him get mad though -- real, real mad. Break a whiskey bottle and pop it in someone's neck mad. Then he'll really have me.

I also think the Pope might have had some real issues with his understanding of Catholicism.


I meant homophobic as in unfunny gay insults, not anti-gay bigotry. I'm not sure if there is a word for that.

North Dallas Thirty

"Jerk" usually tends to work for me in those instances. :)


By the way, Sullivan thought this post was "snide," thus earning him immortal status in my Peanut Gallery (right sidebar).

If he thought that was snide, I wonder what he might think of all the other posts?

North Dallas Thirty

Um, Mal....."Torture.com"?

Well, if he's going to call you "snide", I guess you might as well do something to deserve it. :)


Hey, I thought the Katherine Hepburn line was funny. I can see him doing it, too. Probably on Real Time with Bill Maher, Clinging to Aryanna Huffington's sleeve. Okay, enough with the visual.


NDT: I thought I was trying to turn over a new leaf, but if one of the most popular bloggers out there is also one of the thinnest-skinned, what am I supposed to do about it?

North Dallas Thirty

LOL...Mal, my friend, I thought you were quite pleasant to Mr. Sullivan in this post. One never knows how someone else will react.

If it would help, I will personally go on your behalf as an ambassador of goodwill to Andrew.

(licks lips)

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