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January 30, 2006



In an act of extreme over-compensation, has fathered a son.

You crack me up.

Queer Conservative

Hey! I majored in Speech Communication, thank you very much! Oh...wait...


I can't believe the fashion police let you get away with that last one, Mal, cause only a straight man would wear that shirt--or a closeted gay man. MY DAD has practically only wears shirts like that. (Don't go there.)

If that's not straight out of the JCPenney catalog I'll eat MY shirt.


Hilarious. Absolutely fucking hilarious. I was pointed here by ModFab, and I'm glad I stopped by.

Funny, funny stuff. Bashing Survivor contestants is a favorite pastime.

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Usually public persons are not shy to confess that they are gays

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No one have told me yet about it. Good thing you posted it.

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