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January 13, 2006


Queer Conservative

The QC household watched both shows. We lamented the sad decline of Will & Grace. We were unimpressed by the Crumbs, but willing to give them a chance.

North Dallas Thirty

The NDT household was out contributing to the consumer spending economy and missed both. However, anything with Jane Curtin in it is going to be good in my book; gawd, I miss "Kate and Allie"!

Also, the endless question.....will Fred Savage ever grow up, or is he the white Gary Coleman?

Jack Malebranche

The Malebranche household doesn't watch prime time TV, it watches trash TV at 2:00 AM when it is trying to get to sleep. Jack cringes while watching Will and Grace and always thought the only funny part about the show was that rich drunk faghag.

Jack was really only chiming in to say that he always thought Fred Savage was hot. Jack would love to top him.

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