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February 17, 2006



I thought I saw that too. My man said I was just hoping. Aha I am right. Thank you boys I can go home tonight and gloat.


where's the still images?


That's like a Gay Zapruder film! "Back and to the right, back and to the right..."


That made my day. And since you share my secret love for Johnny Weir, I have to note that I was amazed at how poinent his self criticism was last night. He refused to blame the guy he shot, I mean the judges - but instead took responsibility. That's one queen who is definitely a man.

I remember as a freshman in college being an RA in the dorms of the Olympic Village in Atlanta. We had a late-bus fiasco too where a team was almost disqualified because the bus picked them up too late at the village. I also remember seeing way past what is censored by lycra pants whenever I had to rescue an athlete from the group shower when he mistakenly left his room key behind. I can't believe I was dating a girl then. I was such a stupid kid.

Craig Ranapia

Golly. 'Project Runway' lied - flashing your tootie is a very good thing indeed. :)

Queer Conservative

Hey! Where are the f'ing still images!

Truth In Advertising! Truth In Advertising!

Queer Conservative

Much better! Thanks M!


That's like a Gay Zapruder film! "Back and to the right, back and to the right..."

That's awesome, lol.


Hell, how come GayPatriot is Blocked?


Canadian (by way of Italy) is a little misleading ... Indian Father, Italian Mother born in Toronto ...


You need to post Evan Lysacek's performance from that night, too! He had quite the night, lookin' fine in his all-black costume, and has rustled up quite a debate about his orientation - despite allegedly having a girlfriend. Give this issue some Malco love!


i totally noticed that too but for some reason didn't think the homosexual subconscious underground brothers would pick up on it too. i am so not unique, yet i am so overjoyed you all saw it too. emmanuel is a prissy bitch who doesn't practice, which means his tight pants fall was predestined. yum.


He's also apparently a male model. Rawr! (nice nipple ring!)

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Wow i can believe someone looks like that and the worst part it that is in the culture to put that plate in the lips wow truly disturbing but awesome.

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