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February 21, 2006



thanks for posting this mate. as a realtor and a member of an interracial relationship i also know the ups and downs of mixed gay couples. When one happens to be black its almost like your both on the outside. even here in chicago its a big problem not just in the south. again thanks for posting this.


Really, even here in Chicago? You know, it shouldn't surprise me, and yet it does for some reason. Though, granted, most of my experience around crowds of gay men tend to be gatherings in Boystown, so I've no knowledge of what day to day life in an inter-racial relationship must be like.

I suppose it's like an advice column I read earlier today at newsday. It shouldn't have shocked me, but I was still completely blown away by it.



Okayyy, are there no blacks or inter-racial couples in "Boystown"? That's news to me.


damn Ricky's cute...sigh


Thanks for this post.
The sad truth of the matter, gay (mainstream) culture is light-years behind heterosexual culture in its openness to Interracial dating (especially dating someone who's black).
Btw, being gay doesn't inoculate he or she from racial prejudice; if anything, in our society, it can exasperate the erroneous racial-angst in some.

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