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February 01, 2006



I meant to ask this when you first posted this but I forgot. You seem to be supporting this kind of outing but oppose the Mike Rogers type. Why is this OK and not outing a Senator?


I don't know the ins and outs of Robbie's feelings, but personally, I have never claimed to monolithically oppose "outing." I think it was well-deserved in the case of Jim West, for instance, because he was so overtly hostile to gay interests -- and, more importantly, he was abusing his power.

But I have many problems with the "outing" campaign as it currently exists: the blackmail, the targeting of staff or political operatives, the thinly veiled partisanship, and the constantly shifting standard of what constitutes and "outable" offense (the common denominator generalyl being the "R" behind one's name) ...

I'm just a simple boy from Wyoming, but to me it looks like partisanship masquerading as some perverse sort of do-gooderism that is ultimately injurious to the gay community.

Everybody talks about whether Clay Aiken or Tom Cruise or John Travolta or Ryan Seacrest or George Clooney, et al, might be gay or not. I don't think that commenting on what is being said about these highly public figures, in what amounts to pure speculation anyway, is tantamount to my "outing" them.

I think what John Paulus is claiming has news value. And if he is a liar, he should be exposed as one.


Good point as usual. My Sirius will be all warmed up on Thursday. I hope the interview happens during my commute. I have real mixed feelings about outing myself. I agree outing James West was the right thing to do and poking fun at Tom Cruise is fun, his private life should be his own no matter how freakish it is.
Happy Friday


Thank you, I hope you're still planning to host the audio. I'll be checking here first.


Clay Aiken is a talented singer. From all first hand accounts I've read, he's as nice a guy in person as he is on stage. I'm so glad his career is doing well. :-) I will support his career for as long as he continues to sing!

Poison Ivy

Clay Aiken is bisexual. Why do you think he denied rumors being gay but, never admitted he was straight? Hellooooooooooooooo, the man likes both.

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