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February 24, 2006


North Dallas Thirty

Safe travels, Mal!


*peers around*

Is he gone yet?

Because, if so, I can finally turn this place into the porn palace I've always envisioned!


Are you going to Chad?


Porn palace.... You already got the purple wall paper all ready to go.


Have a good trip!

(Can we start by posting a hottie of the day?)

Queer Conservative

The Malcontent is for porn! The Malcontent is for porn! So grab your [censored] and double click for porn porn porn!

Yum Yum

So what's happening in Africa?

manhattan offender

Ugh. Hate to do this, but could you do me the favor of telling Angelina that, well, I forgive her?


Have fun in Cologne. I will be there too on March 17-21. Used to live there and will be visiting friends.

taylor Siluwé

Africa? Tell us more. Where in Africa? Is it a secret Malcontent Mission?? Do spill.


No apologies needed. Thanks for sending the Malcovision repair man to my house(while I was gone) so I can see what I was missing. Have a great trip!

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