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February 21, 2006



Do you ever think you watch too much tv?

Thank you for the picture of the pussy in a cup. I am not sure I could handle a picture of Jesse and his micro wiener. What goes on at a straight bath house?


So now he can look forward to a career as penis model?
Jeez. He's a fat guy with a little dick.

Queer Conservative

But, but, but...no. What, what, what...no.


And suddenly, Chris Farley singing, "Fat man with a little dick," has sprung to mind.


I'd hate to be a guy named "Jesse" anywhere near Seattle as this becomes public.


My video on youtube called Short dicked man comes to mind...


I'll read any story with cute kitties.


His wife is from Japan. The bathouse that he and his father in-law went to was in Japan and it is quite common for straight men to visit and socialize there. Nothing sexual goes on. As a white male who has visited the baths in Japan, we non-Japanese are, by nature, objects of interest. They are much too polite to openly stare, but it's obvious that you're being watched (if not for our pale, doughy bodies, then to make sure we are following the rules and washing off thoroughly before entering the communal bath). This poor guy must've been really embarassed to remove his towel and expose his condition to his father in-law and his father-in law's friends.


Thanks for the cute kitty picture! Totally made my day.

bob syr

Same problem as Jesse, but I'm 61. I'm hoping not to have to go through the operation, but it's good to know it can be done. Good luck to Jesse and his BW. - Bob


Same problem here. I'm not ashamed of it, though...just the way God made me. BTW it goes inside of my body while flaccid, but it's average when erect - go figure. I would never consider the surgery myself. I can't help this problem any more than I can help the size of my nostrils. If I'm okay with it, then why should strangers in a locker room be concerned (or even looking in the first place).

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