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February 23, 2006



Man, I'll be so disappointed if I don't get on the "Overrated Blogs" list. Especially after being overlooked on the Gay Bloggers Who Hated Reagan list.

My hate for Reagan, here.


JoeMyGod, I hope you like disappointment.



I'm not overrated?


You have to be "rated" in the first place to be "overrated."


One word of advice Josh:


I'm just sayin!


One word of advice Joe:


I'm just sayin... I'd like to remain neg, thanks.


Oh, I'll bet that you remain neg for a long, long time. I can't imagine that anybody is lining up to fuck your self-righteous cunt.

I'm just sayin!


Joe vs. Josh in hotness. Does Joe really want to go there?


Shrug. Is that what this is about? :-)

I'd could write my own petulant crybaby post called Overrated Gay Right Wing Blogs, but nobody would care because nobody reads any of them. Although I suppose they'd at least get a few hits out of idle curiousity.


Meh. I just think it's funny how you attack people based on their looks, and also posit how it is also somehow related to political party. It's good for ginning up controversy, I suppose, but in your case it's also a pretty clear sign of dementia.

And you did see the visitor counter on this blog, right?


And you did see the visitor counter on this blog, right?

Do you consider yours a Gay Right Wing Blog? Really? I thought it was mostly about reality shows made for 13 year old girls and reposting copyrighted material? I read the other day that Pink Is The New Blog keeps a Blogspot address to prevent from being sued for using copyrighted material. Is that why you use Typepad? Serious question, actually. I've been wondering when (if ever) the nets and the tabs will come down on bloggers for using their images. I used a pic from Salon the other day and I've been wondering if I should have done that, usually I only use images that are my own. Does retaining a "blogger" identity convey some sort of license to use the original works of others, under the guise of criticism, even if said blog is commercial, like this one? I know I'm demented, but I'm actually quite interested in this issue.

Craig Ranapia

I don't know why anyone takes LaShawn Barber seriously. Why does do we care who Brad Pitt is slipping the hot beef syringe to this week? Why doesn't someone make Paula Abdul wear adult Pampers and wipe her chin before Boy's Night on Idol? Why do birds sing?


Why doesn't someone make Paula Abdul wear adult Pampers and wipe her chin before Boy's Night on Idol?


I was big fan of Paula's music, but she seems like such a drunken lush on Idol that she's become laughable.

Adult pampers. Tee hee. Good one.


Joe - It comes down to fair use. Mal, being a former journalism type, looked into this far more than I have. But, we keep our stuff generally limited to clips rather than offering full length shows so we don't cross that line.

As far as images, no idea. Everyone on the internet grabs images from all over the place. In the blogosphere at least, I know the etiquette is to include a link to where you've gotten the image from.



I am pleased that you seem so thoroughly fascinated by the inner workings of other people's blogs and the decisions of other bloggers. I do wish I had that much arm-chair time in my own day.

If you must know, I chose Typepad because it seemed a lot easier and cheaper solution for someone as lazy as me, and scarcely a day goes by that I haven't regretted it for one reason or another. I don't understand what possible connection there could be between using a hosted blog service and additional protection from potential copyright infringement, but I do enjoy these glimpses into your consipratorial mind.

As to your latest comment (of many) about my ads, if you would like to spend thousands of dollars trying to produce the kind of content I have (and I have) and also feel that you don't need to recoup even a single dime of that, knock yourself out. And if I had to guess, I'd say my ad revenues have been roughly 10 to 20 percent of the personal money I have put into this site.

And Robbie is entirely right. I would not post the stuff that I do if I didn't think it fell under Fair Use exceptions to copyright statues. (And I have read the relevant laws numerous times, even though I'm not a lawyer.) To date, we have not yet received a single cease-and-desist order, and even if we did, I'm sure I'd be able to reach an agreement that would still allow us to post content in some form.

I also try to be 100 percent assiduous about hat-tipping, whether it is a borrowed image or whatever. That's just a courtesy thing, I guess.

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