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February 24, 2006



I know her "It takes a lot of money to look this cheap" is schtick, but she has always come off as sincere and down to earth. Take away all the hair and boobs and clothes, she is really a musician at heart.


LOL..Dolly does Ellen indeed! Wow, Ms. Parton is still bouncing along and doing it BIG! Can't wait to see
how she shows off those puppies at the Oscars!

North Dallas Thirty

She is, very much so.

My favorite song that looks into Dolly's heart really is "Jolene"; it's been covered so many times that it's familiar to most folks, but to hear her sing it....wow.

Her latest -- the duet with Brad Paisley, "When I Get Where I'm Going" -- is another one that I really like.


I love Dolly, and I've been fishing for an excuse to get a clip of her for awhile.

I still think her original rendition of "I Will Always Love You" is far, far superior to Houston's remake.

North Dallas Thirty

I still think her original rendition of "I Will Always Love You" is far, far superior to Houston's remake.

That always makes me think of the "Family Guy" episode in which Peter bribes her with drugs to sing that for Lois. :)


I don't get to go to many concerts, but I did have the chance a couple of years back to see Dolly at the 9:30 Club in DC. As Washingtonians know, it is a much more intimate setting than your typical stadium, arena or theater. I was surrounded by a crowd that was probably 60 percent gay, but I would guess probably 99 percent gay-friendly.

I tend not to "queen out" too often or get excited about celebrities, but I have to say that it was one of the best moments of my life.

Craig Ranapia

I wish I could find it again, but I saw a BBC produced profile where Dolly talked about MUSIC for an hour rather than her tits and the metaphysics of the statement "the bigger the hair, the closer to God". What a revelation - she's not only a great (and much under-rated IMO) singer-songwriter but very smart about the music industry and the musical tradition she works in. She also pulled off the very difficult task of being upfront about how women get treated in Nashville without sounding bitchy or bitter.

Yes Robbie, Whitney the Squesling Skank-Head should be in a gulag for what she did to a wonderful song like 'I Will Always Love You'. Parton actually understands a very important lesson few singers get today - more often than not, less is more.

Duane Gordon

Gotta love that Dolly!


Uhmm, yeah we all love Dolly and the whole bit but now let's not be ridiculous. I know most white boys lack a certain appreciation and understanding for the gift of true R&B talent but let it be understood that in many ways Whitney took that initial, little simply recorded song, to an unprecedented level to which Dolly fell shy. Parton herself has admitted to as much. I can't let you few just shit all over Whitney's version like that. Hell, like countless of others, I had never so much as even heard of the song before Houston did her thing with it. Yes, she's a hot-sad-mess now but vintage Whitney can't be fucked with. Give credit where credit is due - even if but for a second, you have to step outside of your little narrow minded prejudices and biases.

Craig Ranapia


Oh, darling, you do not want to be getting blacker than thou with me, unless you want me to get Pam Grier on your sad arse.

I put less syrup on my pancakes than Whitney Houston drowned that song in and the (over-)production is pure 80's MOR cheese. Sorry, but any bitch with a reasonable set of pipes (and a good enough producer) can belt and hold. Whitney and her fellow wannabes aren't fit to lick the clits of "true R&B talent" like Nina Simone, Bessie Smith, Koko Taylor, Etta James, or the divinity that is Miss Aretha Frankin, blessed be her holy name. I really think some people need to learn the difference between a diva - someone who can take a song and make you feel it in places you never knew you had - and a mere technician. Sorry, but Whitney's cover is about as sad as the thought of Stevie Wonder putting his name to 'The Woman in Red' S/T.



That Woman in Red got Stevie an Oscar.

As for the battle about which version is better, I like them both. And I'm not even a country music fan, but it's hard not to like Dolly.

As for the RB talents you mentioned, all queens of American music, but alas not known by a whole LOT of people. American music education is so bad people still think Billie Holiday was a blues singer!


Downtown Lad

She has gay fans???? Name one.


She has gay fans???? Name one.

Her 'galpal'

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