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February 22, 2006



Ummmm..... No Mandisa? WTF!?!? A much better performance from her than from McGhee in my opinion.


"coverers" ?

had to say that is, mmmph.


Yoda, have you become?


Chad: I debated on Mandisa. She was my #6 last night. I think she has a lot of poetntial, but nerves got the best of her last night, and she was (yes) "pitchy" in places.


I.LOVE.MANDISA. r u kidding? there was no way she was a #6, she was a standout along with paris and katherine, she owned the song, owned the clothes, owned the stage, you cannot say that about the others.


I'm not getting the Paris love here. She's been fab during the auditions - one of my favorites - but I thought last night was a serious blunder: the kind you expect of an inexperienced 16 year old. She didn't understand the song she was singing at all.

I'm a lil peeved not a single judge said a word about it. I hope she's not their pet of the season. I hate when they let things slide for certain contestants when they'd rip apart others for the same transgressions.

Joe - I'm not even sure it's an actual word. But I figured, eh, why not =) (good to see you lurkin around again, btw)


Mal - I question your ear. If Mandisa had any pitch problems, they were not enough to warrant being placed 6th on your list. (In my opinion :) )

Robbie - While I understand your gripe against Paris's performance, let's not forget what show we're watching here. It's not American Song Interpreter. She entertained and sang the piss out of the song. She and Mandisa can take me to church any day of the week and twice on Wednesday.


Chad - Can we be Idol friends? u took the words out of my mouth

Craig Ranapia

Is it a contractual obligation for all Idol contestants to "emote" like they're trying to deep throat Seabiscuit?


My picks are pretty much similar to yours... I think this year, there is a clear divide between the great and average... no real in-between

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