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February 23, 2006


Queer Beacon

I don't like Colbert! And I have been disappointed with Jon Stewart since he chickened out on Rick Santorum.

Blue Gal

That's one of the best Colbert's ever. He knows the difference between crossing a line and just running all over the lines. Nothing sacred makes for great comedy.


Mal, glad you can tell the difference between comedy, parody, and the news. According to a Roper poll, over 71% of college poli sci students identify Stewart as a journalist and identify The Daily Show as a newscast.

Go figure. I'm usually in 200% disagreement with these guys, but love their humor. The audience in these shows must be from the DNC, tho --far too many times the laughter moves from humor response to something akin to awakening political validation.

Brent V. Marrott

With a dead on half-impersonation of Bill O'Reilly and other news commentators, Stephen Colbert has rapidly surpassed Jon Stewart and the Daily Show as the most perceptive and trenchant observer of national media and the cynicism of politics.

Sorry, Jon Stewart is still the MAN. Colbert gets on my nerves, although he does some good stuff.


Colbert's delivery and wit (especially during interviews) are not in Jon Stewart's league, but "The Colbert Report" is a great addition to the airwaves.


I love Colbert, I find him to be far more funny then Jon Stewert.


MR Colbert Should be FIRED, for this Joke, I do not find it funny at all

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