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February 07, 2006


Jack Malebranche

Dude! He says something nice about homos and the headline is "Queen of All Media?" Whaddyathinkin?!

That's like the biggest reason men don't want to say nice things about homos. Say something honest and decent about a homo movie and suddenly you're a queen...

Jack Malebranche

And with a provocative sexuality-questioning question mark, no less...

Please, for the love of Howard Stern, re-think that.


Oh, come now. I don't think for a second that he's gay. But there is always a lot of good-natured teasing about Howard for various reasons, such as his watching "The Bachelor."

While obvious as a headline, it's the best I can conjure at this late hour. :-)

Jack Malebranche

Oh, come now. I don't think for a second that he's gay.

Oh, I didn't think that for a minute. It just reads that way, that's all.

I just hate seeing a straight fellow treat homos like one of the guys, only to have homos return the favor by treating him like one of the girls.


The problem, Jack, is that you think being treated like one of the girls is a bad thing. That issue seems to be at the root of about 50% of your postings. Hell, you wrote a book about it, didn't you? Can you ever let it go?

North Dallas Thirty

It may not be to you, Joe, but it may be to the person who's being treated that way.


Oh wow. Cheers cheers cheers. How many millions of people heard that yesterday? Awesome!

Jack Malebranche

Joe -

Do you really think I'm going to address that thoroughly here?

The problem is that you've decided to embrace negative stereotypes and become them. For you, 'letting it go' is just acknowledging that you are everything society wants you to be, and simply being 'one of the girls.'

You operate under the assumption that straight men are men and homos are something else. I don't.

The last leg of 'equality' is dissolving that assumption, and making homosexuality a non-issue that doesn't demand emasculation.


Assuming that all Sirius subscribers were tuned in to Howard at that moment, only 3 million. But it's a start. :-)


I feel like this is my reward for being a fan all these years! Seriously, despiate all the jokes, Howard's been on our side for a while. In fact, the only time he ever gave props to Rosie O'Donnell and said something nice about her was when she got married.

To bad a lot of Howard's fans aren't as bright as he is!



Jack, believe it or not, I think I do understand you and your motivations. What speaks worlds about your own self-image is that you consistently apply the word "negative" and "stereotype" to any behaviors or personalitiy traits that *you* perceive as less than 100% authentically masculine, whatever the fuck THAT is.

Jack Malebranche

Jack, believe it or not, I think I do understand you and your motivations.

Nope, don't believe it. You're dancing around the tip of the iceberg, tossing out canned gay pop psychology to see if anything sticks.


Are you people retarded? You actually think this was a big ass-kissing endorsement on Howard Stern's part?

He did nothing but make gay jokes throughout the entire discussion, and so did everyone else he was talking to (sorry, but I don't listen to him, so I don't know the names of his list of in-studio retards).

They make all kids of comments about how there's no full-mouth kissing, "so it's safe" for that guy to see it...then he talks about how he couldn't masturbate afterward...etc., etc. And you guys scream, "Howard's the best!" He's a fuckin' idiot who makes fun of gay people just as much as the rest.

Hell, even when he says that gay people should be able to get married, he fucks it up by pointing out how "the chicks go through hell," and not that it's morally wrong and damaging to GAYS...hell, the dude gets KILLED and he points out that the wives were unhappy? What the fuck is THAT?

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