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February 06, 2006


Homer Simpson

You might want to look at this:


for the tv to computer capabilities.


I can move things arounde in SD pretty easily but not HD. My understanding of the Slingbox is that the quality is not particularly high.


well, brace yourself. apparently the nextgen tivo is supposed to handle HD flawlessly. Maybe it's time to give the old girl another shot? :)


Well, it's not the recording and watching that I have a problem with -- my current cable box handles that fine. It is the "Fair Use" of video clips and screen captures, much as I currently do with standard-definition TV, i.e., the ability to capture, edit and upload.

I recently saw my first HD episode of "Battlestar Galactica" on the new Universal HD channel on Time Warner, and it made me want to cry. Just think what all of those Jamie Bamber screen captures I have done would look like if they had been in high definition ...


you might try a canopis box.

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