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February 03, 2006



I think DIRECTV is great. I had DISH and Comcast (the latter execrable), and DIRECTV is by far the best value.

Don't get upset. Maybe you know something I don't. But I received notice in Nov. that DIRECTV is no longer carrying heretv. From the reviews, I understand why.

LOGO is still available, for what I'm not sure. I'm still waiting (six months now) for something good to appear. They're rerunning Tales of the City, which unfortunately I've both lived and seen a hundred times. Noah's Arc is pretty shameful, but kind a cute. I, of course, watch Bellini; who wouldn't? But the word "rerun" obtains new meaning on LOGO.

Doug Ireland, that neo-Marxist, has been highly critical of "gay" tv. I'm sad to report he's right. Not that only avant-garde is my taste, but LOGO is Lifetime for the gay underclass. But what can we expect from Viacom? I've found BRAVO and even other cable networks more "engaged" than GOLO.


I switched from Dish to Direct TV last summer, mostly because Direct TV was picking up Logo, and Dish was not. At the same time, I picked up the monthly subscription to Here! I was (and still am) annoyed that they dropped the montly subscription option. Sure, some of their movies weren't A list, but I was definitely able to find $10 worth of entertainment. Thankfully, they've kept all 31 shopping channels.


I had Direct TV, which was great except for one little thing. I couldn't figure out how the hell to use my VCR with it. Anything I taped was white snow. It only worked if I was sitting there watching the show & hit RECORD, which is dumb. No one could help. Of course, I never asked Direct TV...


That is great!


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