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February 23, 2006



Old news. This particular clip has been on the net for about a year now.

And I never watch the WB. And I won't until they bring Buffy back.
Yep. I said it. Probably lost some credibility, but I'm a Buffyphile.


Well, there you go -- I guess if I watched, I might have known. But even if it's an oldie (by Web standards), it's certainly a goodie!


I saw this last week. What do you think his body fat # is? He is hot. Thanks


Thanks Malcontent, quite the savior. Unfortunately CMM doesn't bare all, near the end you can see the waistline of tan-colored briefs... but damn, check out that plunging sartorius (sexiest muscle around)



Yum Yum

I'd like to know the context of the story.

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